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[sticky entry] Sticky: Want to find an old LJ friend? Linking DW and LJ identities

As there is currently a lot of ship-jumping going on, I thought it might be helpful to start a list that links LJ and DW identities, for those who wish to be found by old LJ friends. I've set one up below in order to achieve this. Please comment in the following format and I'll add you to the list.

"[LJ identity] is [DW identity]"

Hence, for myself, this is:

"nanila is nanila"

The list will be sorted by LJ identity. If your username starts with a non-alphabetical character, I will put it in the "numerical/symbol" section.

A )
B )
C )
D )
E )
F )
G )
H )
I )
J )
K )
L )
M )
N )
O )
P )
Q )
R )
S )
T )
U )
V )
W )
X )
Y )
Z )
numerical/symbol )

Assuming this post spreads far and wide, it could become a useful resource! Please feel free to link it. It is now a sticky post on this community (thank you, mods).

Other Dreamwidth communities that may help you either to find new friends or reconnect with old ones include [community profile] addme (very active right now) and [community profile] dreamchasers (inactive, but archives include user information on other services such as AO3 and Tumblr, which this list does not).

Current status : Caught up as of Sun 06 Jan 2019 at 21:12 GMT. Updating again in the evening of the next day at the earliest. If you find any mistakes in this list, please let me know. I'm working off the comment notifications I get from this post, so if you reply here I will definitely see it.

Hello there!

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 26
Country: USA
Interests & Hobbies: Cats, Cooking, Homemaking, Reading, Writing
Looking For: Friends of all sorts! If we only match on a few things, that's ok. If all you post is fanfic, roleplay, or political rants we probably won't get along, sorry.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less.
1. I'm happily married and childfree with 2 cats.
2. I currently work 2 jobs, as a barista, and in a museum. I will add bookkeeping during tax season.
3. I'm on track to finish my reading goal of 100 books this year (see my Goodreads here.)
4. A small joy right now is driving my blue 50cc scooter around town and to work.
5. I finished cosmetology school, but the job wasn't for me. I'd like to go back to school for accounting someday.

Top 5 fandoms: The things I like don't have much of a fandom these days, but I really like Reign, Kingsman and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters right now. I enjoy other media, but don't necessarily "fan" over them. (see list below)

I mostly post about: Life thoughts and personal musings.

I rarely post about: Politics and sports (I only really follow soccer during the World Cup).

My last three posts were about: A "hello, anybody here?" post, a post to work on my goals for the end of the year, and a housekeeping fanfic tracking post.

How often do you post? Past experience shows I like posting once-twice a week. Fics every now and then, but mostly life updates/personal matters.

How about commenting? I always try and post on every entry I see, even if it's a simple heart. I read everything, and I understand wanting to be acknowledged for posting.

Subscription/Access Policy: Mostly access only, save for public fic and promo posts.

Fannish Interests and Current Likes Under Here )
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Name: Zhelana
Age: 36 for the rest of the month
Location: Atlanta

Describe yourself in five sentences or less.
I'm a disabled veteran who volunteers at a local elementary school. I enjoy the SCA, sword fighting, fencing, archery, arts and crafts, World of Warcraft, sports (hockey, baseball, football, soccer), golf, reading, writing, studying, writing classes, teaching, photography, and playing with my two dogs and two cats. I have unfortunately had no kids, but am considering adopting an older child as soon as I get the debt under control. I have schizoaffective disorder, but am manic more often than depressed, and it rarely comes up other than asking my friends to cut and warn for undead. I have a husband who treats me like a servant, and drives me nuts, but when I tried calling things off with him I wound up suicidal so I guess I'm better off with him.

Top 5 fandoms. seaQuest, Firefly, MCU, HP, Star Trek

I mostly post about: General Life stuff, the things I do every day, random things I think about. I post every day. Plus some weekly segments like music monday and what are you reading wednesday.

I rarely post about: fandom

My last three posts were about: Music Monday, volunteering, daily roundup post including why I didn't go to the decatur book festival, going out with a friend, and my husband driving me nuts.

How often do you post? At least daily

How about commenting? I comment when I have something to say, but [personal profile] rosefox told me my comments weren't welcome which has given me severe social anxiety about commenting and made it something I struggle to do.

Subscription/Access Policy: Most posts are open, and I invite you to look at what you're getting yourself into before friending me. Please don't friend me and then immediately unfriend me. It makes me paranoid. Take a look first and make a decision.

LJer new to the DW world

Name: Candice
Age: 41 in a couple of weeks
Location: Philadelphia

Describe yourself in five sentences or less.
1. If I could apply my work ethic to my personal life, I would be a rockstar.
2. I'm married, childfree, with 3 cats and an old house.
3. I love all things related to food.
4. Writing helps me manage my anxiety.
5. 2018 has been a year, and my September goal is to work through some of it here (cheaper than therapy).

Top 5 fandoms. I'm not into fandoms

I mostly post about: General life

I rarely post about: Sports? I'm not into sports.

My last three posts were about: A friends-only post, an interview, an announcement that I got a job.

How often do you post? Not enough, but I'm working on making it a regular thing.

How about commenting? Same. I try to comment often when I'm actually keeping up with my list.

Subscription/Access Policy: Friends-only but I'm pretty open about adding people.


Name: Avery.

Age: Nineteen.

Location: Earth - but more specifically? I'm either in Japan or in Australia.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less. University student majoring in Japanese. Reader of fantasy novels, sci-fi novels, and manga. Wearer of cosplay (soon to become maker of cosplay, too, hopefully...). Watcher of anime, murder mystery serials, and cult flicks. Occasional drawer, knitter, and actor; perpetual daydreamer.

Top 5 fandoms. Ace Attorney, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon.

I mostly post about: Anything fannish. No, scratch that - everything fannish. I like writing about the manga I read/anime I watch/cosplay I wear/video-games I play, et cetera. Sometimes I write about my adventures around Japan, and learning the Japanese language.

I rarely post about: anything political, unless it relates to a bigger point I'm trying to make;

My last three posts were about: Life as it exists in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Doubutsu no Mori cartridges; the Neon Genesis Evangelion dub and why it's actually really very good; a recount of the Shonen Jump exhibition currently being held at the Mori Arts Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

How often do you post? At least every two days.

How about commenting? I want to be super-active and make lots of friends on DW, so I'll leave comments where I can, and reply to all the ones I receive!

Subscription/Access Policy: No policy, really, just that I'll only grant access to people I know super-duper well. Not that it'll make that much difference - most of my posts will be set to public, anyway.
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Time to try, try again

Name: Sharon

Age: 26

Location: USA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm a bisexual, Atheist, Mexican-American feminist. I'm also a writer, a fangirl, and a teacher. Mostly these days I'm a cat mom who's trying to finish up the last semester of her masters program. I also have anxiety and depression and sometimes I have bad days but there are fewer now. I also like to drink and will occasionally show up with a drunk ramble of a post, so uh, expect that.

Top 5 fandoms: Black Sails, Elementary, Welcome to Night Vale, Alice isn't Dead, and Within the Wires. Also video games: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my shit rn and I am postponing doing the final quest because I'm not ready.

I mostly post about: My life and it's general shenanigans. Mostly it's about work and sometimes it's about upcoming events I have planned or things I've found out. It's really personal. I want to have fannish related posts more but ehh we'll see.

I rarely post about: Sports. Unless it's the World Cup in which case I have A Lot Of Opinionsβ„’. But I missed out on blogging about this last one because I was busy closing out the academic year with my students.

My last three posts were about: A 10 Things meme question I'm doing: 9 things about myself, 10 things I want to say to people, and a post summarizing the last couple months since the post before that.

How often do you post? My goal is to post at least twice a week. I want to get back into journalling because I miss it. Also since I won't have my master program to lean on for venting about the education system I expect a lot of my frustrations and worries will be posted here.

How about commenting? I try to comment on most posts I see but sometimes I forget. ^^;;

Subscription/Access Policy: Friends only with a few posts being public. Please leave a comment and let me know you want access.
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(no subject)

Hello! I think I did this before, but my list is pretty inactive, so would love to meet some more people! Plus like, my interests have changed/evolved.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
On leave from grad school - may or may not finish. On the job huntt Lesbian professional wrestling fan w/ an overly-analytic mindset. Lover of electro/ambient/post/synth/prog-rock music - concept albums are the best. Trying to complete the Book Riot reading challenge.

Top 5 fandoms. Not super involved in fandom on here, but #1 is definitely wrestling - WWE for a while but drifting towards Impact/TNA lately. I'll probably be back into Lucha Underground once the new season airs and maybe GLOW (I have.... a complicated relationship w/ GLOW). Used to be big into Les Miserables & the musical theater trading scene but not really involved anymore. Really loved Justified when that was on TV and also Veep (though the last season was........ less excellent). Basically the shows I like are really verbal or like, literally people fighting!

I mostly post diary-style entries about my life; want to get more into doing book/movie/show reviews. Want to start doing music posts as well. Occasional reflections on the news.

My last three posts were about: giving notice and going to an indie wrestling show, the weird paradox of interacting with celebrities & of snail mail producing weird disjunctive moments irt weekly live television production, going on leave.

How often do you post? My goal is going to be twice a week, minimum.

How about commenting? I really try to comment on people's stuff fairly regularly - maybe not every post but hopefully ever week or two we'll have something to say to each other?

Subscription/Access Policy: Friends-locked, ask to add.
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buckle in, it gets rough from here

It's been over a year since I last did one of these, so....

Name: Selah or Lise or Jagu or some combination
Age: 40 (!!)
Location: still stuck in the South (S.Carolina, Clemson country)
Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Queer Chicana author of largely queer supernatural fluff, with random forays into science fiction and romance. I crochet, I write, I yell (lovingly. ish.) at my cats, and I go crazy if I can't have my music for too long. Crazier. Invisibly disabled and carrying more anxiety than a strung-out Chihuahua in a room full of bobcats.

Top 5 fandoms: Visual kei, Heroes of the Storm/Blizzard games, NCIS, Stargate (SG-1&Atlantis), and a three-way tie between Star Trek (TOS thru VOY), Doctor Who, and yarn. Because yarn is totally a fandom.

I mostly post about: My writing, lately. I mean, I write a lot, because it's the only thing I can do to keep myself somewhat sane and vaguely grounded. Also post a lot about my cats (4 inside cats, 4-8? yard cats), my yarn projects, and my "wife" (we're not technically married, but shh).

I rarely post about: Sports (my only "regular" sport is American Football and we're off-season now, so), politics (for reasons of sanity, though I'm a screaming liberal-progressive), American pop culture in general.

My last three posts were about: Writing progress for Monday, weekly music post, Sunday writing progress with Patreon link and shuffling of the cats.

How often do you post? At least once a day, twice on Mondays. It's an accountability trick, keeps me honest with my writing habit. ;)

How about commenting? I can be pretty spotty about actually commenting on stuff - I try to comment when I have something to say, but I'm also quite the introvert, so...

Subscription/access policy: My entries are default locked as a general privacy policy, but gaining access is as simple as asking these days.

I'm especially keen to find more visual kei fans, if you're out there. Or anyone interested in becoming a VK fan. We have cookies!
ok, no actual cookies are included, but we do have lots and lots of pretty?

(no subject)

Name: Steph

Age: 35

Location: Canada

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

1) Uncanny ability to find books people are looking for, be it online, stores, or libraries.
2) I've given up the facade and fully embraced my love of cute animals, objects, etc.
3) I don't really need more paper journals but that somehow doesn't stop me from browsing/buying.
4) Finally achieved my dreams of being a D&D nerd.
5) Sure, this is dark but it's nothing a little gallows humor can't fix.

Top 5 fandoms: The Lost Boys, Ginger Snaps, Marvel, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars.

I mostly post about: My daily life which ranges from the mundane to good to the stressful, my hobbies such as roleplaying, crafting, movies/books/shows I like, sharing videos or pictures of things I like or think are interesting.

I rarely post about: Sports, kids (I don't have any), pets (I don't have any pets either, sadly), sex talk (cool if you do, I'm just private about that myself).

My last three posts were about: Missing & wanting to get back into journalling, family worries & distracting myself with coding a rp forum, brief post about a good day & weekend plans.

How often do you post? My current goal is to post 1 to 3 times a week. I'm hoping having some other journals to read & comment on will help that goal.

How about commenting? I typically comment when I have something to say, offer congratulations or support if I can. I'm probably not going to comment on every post but I will make an effort to comment regularly.

Subscription/Access Policy: My journal is semi-public, I generally lock anything that's personal or about other people in my life but the rest is usually public. If you add me I will check out your journal and I will most likely subscribe/grant access back unless your journal expresses homophobia, racism, or any prejudice.
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(no subject)

Name: Milesy

Age: 33

Location: PNW, near that mountain what likes to explode sometimes.

Five Sentences:

  1. I'm a full-time YouTuber and Twitch streamer, and have very little coherent thought left because of it.
  2. I do a lot of cross stitch, as part of the above, and have even less coherent thought left because of it.
  3. I don't have kids, but I do have a husband and a pet shark, which is kind of the same - I'm always yelling at someone to stop beating things up or leaving socks around the house.
  4. I painted the artwork in my icon for a birthday gift for my niece.
  5. I had to learn how to cook because I'm allergic to everything under the sun and don't want to die.
Writing interests: Not so much these days.  Most of my written creativity comes in the form of RP.  I've tried my hand at some original horror, and used to write a LOT of fanfic.

What I write: Not a whole lot.  I wish I had the mental energy to write more, but it's not a hobby that can be multitasked very easily.

Most postings: Whatever, really.  My journal is pretty new.  It was a formality for an RP comm, but I want to actually start using it.  You'll get some random babbling, probably some YouTube videos and pictures of things I make.  Maybe I'll post some fic or something.

More: I was super hardcore active on LJ in the past, but between the numerous takeovers and my fandom of choice at the time getting incredibly toxic, I noped out pretty hard.  I tried Tumblr, but I hate it, so I fell out of fandom and online spaces pretty hard as well.  But I miss the journalling scene, and want to try to get back into it.

Revivals are good

Name: Stef
Age: Entering crone-dom
Country: USA

I'm an LJ refugee nostalgic for the "old ways" before FB, tumblr, twitter etc.

Five sentences, boiled down to one: I write, read, study, garden, and write about writing.

Writing interests: LOST, Phantom of the Opera, original fic.

What I write: Mostly romance (longfic), with some gen (mostly one-shots.)

Most postings: My fanfic, plus how-the-sausage-is-made notes about same.

More: I'm open to serious discussion about writing: narrative structures, literary themes & devices, tropes, and my favorite: mythological, esoteric and religious influences in fiction. Most of what I do online is write, or talk about writing; don't really post IRL stuff. If I do, it will be reader-access only.

You're welcome to say hello on my sticky!

Looking for more friends!

I've posted here once or twice before, but figured I'd give it another go-around.
Name: Under friends lock.
Age: 30s.
Location: Maryland, United States.
 Describe yourself in five sentences or less.  Nerdy, but not terribly geeky. I like talking about the deeper things in life, but with a sense of humor when possible. Cautious optimist. Hufflepuff to a fault. Writer who doesn't know why she can't let go of her high school internet pen name.
Top 5 fandoms. Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Harry Potter's really the only one of those I've done a lot of "fannish" things, though, but I love all of them and talking about them. Among other things.
I mostly post about: Observations (whether things I can't believe people do,  social media, etc.), meta (whether specific to a show or book, or more broad), writing (including satire - rarely political). I also occasionally post real life anecdotes.
I rarely post about: Although I talk about "real life", this DW isn't super RL heavy Also, while I sometimes post about politics (I'm left of center and have a lot to say about our current administration - none of it good), I don't talk about it frequently.
My last three posts were about:  A bizarre experience at work, thoughts on fanfic I wrote when I was younger and how I wish the fandom were more active now that my writing's better,  a former work project, .

How often do you post? It varies, but typically at least once every 2-3 days.
How about commenting? I comment when I have something to say. I'm much better at commenting on conversational posts; I'm not always good at commenting on bullet point posts.
Subscription/Access Policy: The usual.   
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Seeking Friends

Name: weedpizza

Age: 30s.

Location: PNW, USA. β˜”

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

  1. I'm a music lover, a toy collector, a wannabe artist. 🎨
  2. I'm a really nice person, but I don't have a lot of friends IRL because I have social anxiety.
  3. I do have one friend, my SO whom I live with and he's all I need!
  4. We have a sweetheart of a cat! πŸ±πŸ’•
  5. I'm depressed, anxious, a late-bloomer, I don't drive, and I don't work, but I want to start my own toy business someday.

Top five fandoms: I'm not really much of a "fandom" person, but my favorite band is Queen. πŸ‘‘

I mostly post about: It's a new journal, but - my day-to-day life, mental health, my SO, family, informal music and movie reviews, tarot reading interpretation (soon!), my thoughts/feelings on current events (possibly?), and dumb memes (maybe).

I rarely post about: Sports, I guess. Nothing's off limits though, so please don't be like, "All my friends have to agree with me!" Let's agree to disagree when needed, as I welcome people with all sorts of differing opinions to my journal!

My last three posts were about: Not including my two sticky posts (Friending Policy and About Me), I wrote about new music that's come out this month, filled out a set of questions about beliefs from [community profile] thefridayfive, and listed my thrift finds from Valentine's Day! πŸ’

How often do you post: At least once or twice a week, at least!

How about commenting? I read everything in my feed, and try to comment when I feel I have something to add. I do not expect comments on all my posts.

Subscription/Access Policy: Anyone can subscribe to my public entries, but if you want me to add back/grant access to my locked entries, please read and comment on my top sticky post!
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I'm returning to blogging after a years-long hiatus.

Yo. I was very active on LiveJournal from the time I was in my early teens, but after Six Apart sold the site and the Dreamwidth diaspora began I eventually fell off the bandwagon. But I miss blogging and I especially miss the sense of community I used to get from LiveJournal. I'm hoping to recapture some of that because it was such a positive force in my life for such a long time, so here I am!


Age: 29.

Location: US. West Coast.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a self-employed artist with a smorgasbord of side-hustles. I love horror movies/TV/podcasts, I own three cats and a ball python, and I live in a city where people are not known for their propensity for laughing at themselves. Politically I skew far left, though these days I find myself with increasingly dwindling patience with, for lack of a better term, "Tumblr social justice." I was once a voracious reader and am working to pick that habit up again. I'm also childfree, but not in the scumbag way.

Top 5 fandoms: These days my main squeezes are It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Bob's Burgers. I was also a frequent participant in LiveJournal's House fandom back in the day and very active in its network of Harry Potter communities, and for a while I was really into the Broadway/musical theater bootleg trading scene. (Actually, I still love all of those things; they just aren't the center of my life in quite the same way anymore.) I also love all things horror-related. You can see a more complete list of my interests on my profile page.

I mostly post about: I have complex PTSD, so you can expect semi-regular posts about that diagnosis and the life experiences that led to it. I'll also write about social issues that matter to me (restorative justice, racial justice, feminism, et al), rants and raves about the people in my life, my work in TV and theater, the art I make, and probably the horror movies I watch.

I rarely post about: Anything pertaining to sports. I'm also not a religious or spiritual person, so you're unlikely to see much if any of that sort of content from me. And as I mentioned above, I don't have kids so you won't see kid posts.

My three last posts were about: My dog-sitting client's obnoxious neighbors, the terrible experience one of my good friends had a few nights ago, and searching for a Dreamwidth layout that isn't ugly as all get out.

How often do you post?: With the caveat that this is a brand-new journal, based on my past habits I predict I'll post anywhere between a few times a week and a few times a day.

How about commenting?: I typically read my flist and leave comments a few times a week. On that note, I'll periodically do flist cuts and remove anybody who doesn't comment at least once in a while. I'll also remove folks if it's apparent we have little in common, and obviously I'm cool with you doing the same.

Subscription/Access Policy: My only hard stipulation is that since my journal contains some NSFW content, I won't grant access to anyone under the age of eighteen.
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Looking for new friends

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a 24 year old woman from Australia and I'm currently in university. I'm kinda shy and awkward but I like making friends. I'm pretty obsessive with my fandoms/interests. I'm working on making a visual novel game. I write fanfiction and I draw sometimes but lately most of my art has been pixel art.

Top 5 fandoms: My top fandoms change a lot, but recently I've been really into Lord of The Rings, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Star Trek TOS (and OMS), and Grace and Frankie. My top ships in these are Frodo/Sam, Willow/Tara, Dirk/Todd, Kirk/Spock, Grace/Frankie

I mostly post: I'm new here so I've only just started posting, but it will be a blend of fandom things and general life things. I'm aiming to be a bit less reclusive this year and get involved in university clubs and things, so I might post about that. I'll write a bit about shows I watch, games I play, and movies I see. And i'll post fanfiction sometimes.

How often do you post? I'm aiming to post at least once a week, hopefully more. Another goal of mine for this year was to spend less time on tumblr. I'd sort of like it if i could replace tumblr with dreamwidth and reading more books. If DW feels active enough for me to do that then i'd post pretty often.

How about commenting? I like commenting. I don't always know what to say but I try.

Add this geeky woman!

I’m a 36 year old geeky girl from North Dakota of all places. I love computer and video games (I’m punkymcmunky on Steam, btw). I have degrees in computer programming and information technology. More info about me can be seen on my profile! Go check it out! I’m awesome, I swear! Ok, at best, I might not be totally lame...

I’m punkymcmunky all over the place. You might have seen me on LJ under this same name. I use DW to crosspost to LJ but I do read my LJ, too. I’m trying to get back into posting again. I’ve been absent a while.

I’m just looking for journals to read from all over the place. Must be 18 years old and your journal must be mostly English. Add me and I’ll probably add you back! Leave a comment if you want to be doubly sure I notice you.
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Name: June
Age: 25
Location: Norway
Subscription/Access Policy: I'm looking for friends who are fannish, and who are more or less in the same age group as myself or in a similar place in life, so that we have some things in common to talk about.  (This isn't trying to exclude anyone or be picky, it's simply that if you mostly blog about the experience of raising a small child, for instance, then I won't be able to comment very much!)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Let's see... I joined LJ in 2008, made a tumblr in 2011, then never really got back into LJ/DW because my flist had become a ghost town, which it still is.  I'm a postgrad (just began my MA) in Norse and Medieval Studies, and my areas of study have been Old Norse language&culture, philology, archaeology, older stages of English and some linguistics, which is also pretty representative of my interests. I'm gay, handwave-y asexual, and a former baby goth who still wears black on the inside. University sucks up a lot of my time, but I also like to draw, fiddle around with GIMP, and write (mostly RP, because it requires less brainpower). I buy books and then don't read them, and I drink tea 24/7.

Top 5 fandoms:

The Vampire Chronicles
Sherlock Holmes (the novels)
Harry Potter
MCU ('Thor')
I ship Holmes/Watson, Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Thor/Loki, Legolas/Gimli.

I mostly post about: Uni adventures, fandom participation, books and TV shows, etc. Occasional venting when I feel burned-out/depressed/what have you.

I rarely post about: Uh. I don't create much fannish content, i.e. fic. I don't post much about political matters. I don't go super into detail about personal things and anything TMI will be behind a cut, lol.

My three last posts were about: H/C Bingo card (boy, that got neglected), and two "what I've been doing lately" entries spaced 6 months apart because, see above, my flist has been nothing but tumbleweeds for years.

How often do you post?: Not often enough, because I feel as though I'm shouting into a void, which makes me more inclined to post to e.g. twitter. That's part of why I'm here!

How about commenting? It depends how well I know the person and whether I feel I can contribute. If a relative stranger has posted a long entry about something deeply personal, like their relationship troubles, I just don't feel it's my place. But I'm always up for commenting on less fraught topics.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

New Arrival

I was an LJ user for a long time (had one or another active account for ~15 years), but when nostalgia and frustration with the rest of the internet drove me to log in recently, the new TOS horrified me and I had to leave for good. I was never very active in LJ communities, but want to try to be more active in general in the journal-o-sphere now.

Here goes:

Name: FP
Age: 34
Location: AZ, USA, unfortunately

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a bookish introvert. A lazy witch. A disabled knowitall. Halfway in faerie all the time. Did it in one sentence and three fragments.

Top 5 fandoms: I've never been active in fandom, but the ones I've paid most attention to are Harry Potter and LoTR (I was an undergrad in 2001!). I am fannish about Hannibal and Sailor Moon, though, which should tell you everything you need to know about me, honestly.

I mostly post about: Everyday life stuff, reading, hobbies, etc.

I rarely post about:
Personal details (pro educator)

My three last posts were about: Ha! I just started this journal, but today's post will probably be about fairy tale retellings and the trials and tribulations of college bureaucracy. Possibly pie.

How often do you post?
Pretty frequently.

How about commenting? I'm pretty quiet, but want to be more active, so hopefully not sporadically (!).
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hi, i'm ashe. 28, infj. 4w5 sp/so. scorpio. firebender. gryffindor. i'm a poc and nb femme. my pronouns are ' they / them '. my hobbies include: watching ( anime ) and ( films ) , writing ( poetry ) , ( looking ) at and ( making ) art, playing ( videogames ) and listening to ( music ). i also enjoy ( reading ) and speaking out into the ( void ).

i've been considering becoming a fanfiction writer. i'm teaching myself japanese extremely slowly and plan to also learn tsalagi / cherokee. i used to have a cat named ( aria ). she ran away last year, now she's wild and free~

i tend to blog ab my life, post tumblr pic dumps, anime screencaps, and music. i may also post ab spiritual / witchy / occult things. this area of interest in my life is important to me. i don't offer medical advice, however. i feel like that sort of thing should be left to the professionals. sometimes i disable comments. i do my best to comment on other peoples entries. i like to talk to who i'm subscribed to. political posts are possible but, i tend to save those for twitter or ( mastodon ). some content of my journal may not be appropriate for minors. i hide such posts beneath lj cuts with an ' 18+ ' warning. any spoilers for any fandom are also marked and hidden behind a cut.

the frequency of my updates is erratic and sporadic. i used to update more often on livejournal but, as time passes and times change, it's only to be expected that long form posting is a dying art, and even it's most loyal adherents are assimilating to shortform and reliance on visuals ; me included. no matter how long i'm away tho, i always come back. i will never abandon long form completely.

fandoms: jjba, death grips, harry potter, avatar: tla / korra, final fantasy series, shin megami tensei series, gatchaman, devilman, stranger things, mr. robot, bee and puppycat, fashion etc.

if any of this sounds good to you, feel free to drop me a line.

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Name: Devin
23/trans guy/somewhere in PA
I'm legally blind and I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, gender dysphoria, and I've dealt with self harm and anorexia in the past. I post about it sometimes, but not often.
I post mainly re caps of my days, shows I've went to, goals and ideas I have, lists, my thoughts, and occasionally rants. I don't post anything political.
Likes: going to shows, moshing, playing bass and guitar, music stores, thrift stores, writing lyrics and stories, band merch, documentaries, shopping, skateboarding, karate, and coffee
Dislikes: politics, change, homophobia, trans phobia, where I currently live, allergies, expensive shipping, waking up early
Movies: Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows, Edward Scissorhands, Fight Club, The Outsiders, The Invisible, Donnie Darko, Dawn of the Dead, Superbad, Boyhood
Music: emo, screamo, post hardcore, pop punk, hardcore, thrash metal, metalcore, indie rock, death and melodic death metal, deathcore, some punk rock
My current favorite bands are Glassjaw and Knights of the Abyss.
Feel free to comment and add me.

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Nostalgia seems to be the theme of my weekend - from picking up favourite children's books in a charity shop to listening to the greatest hits of a band I loved a decade ago... and discovering I still love both.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a 36 year old woman who's got a little lost and is trying to rediscover who she is and the things that make her happy. She doesn't always talk about herself in the third person like that, but sometimes it's fun! I enjoy horror and science-fiction, cooking when I have the energy, watching far too much tv/movies and reading a lot of books. I'm an introvert and a kid at heart, super obsessed with anything salted caramel and addicted to Cherry Pepsi Max.

Top 5 fandoms: I'm not sure I have any at the moment. Get me talking about the band Raintown and you'll never shut me up. Stargate SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis have a forever place in my heart. I'm completely falling in love with Star Trek: Discovery. I'm ridiculously excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I'm rediscovering my love for Supernatural. And I'm working on catching up on the Arrow-verse

I mostly post about: It's all about me! Real Life is boring and blah and filled with people who don't get my enthusiasm for all things sci-fi and geeky so I get to come online and yell about it into the void of an empty space

I rarely post about: The 'real world' - this is my escape from it all and I don't want it to intrude on my fun!

My three last posts were about: Well, I've only made two posts so far - one about Good Charlotte and one about Malory Towers

How often do you post?: I'm aiming for 3-5 times a week although who knows

How about commenting?: I'm working on it. I'm an introvert and socially awkward and that also affects me online - it makes me feel weird about commenting because I second and third guess what I'm saying and how I think people are reacting. So it's a work in progress but the plan is if I've got something to say, I will.
I welcome conversations and comments and threads and always appreciate people initializing them though :)