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Someone recently purchased a 12-month paid account for the community with the following comment:

Please swap the "search" module higher in your layout, because I believe the comm will be more wonderful when it's searchable.

(You could even create a new sticky post reminding people they can search for interests &c in the comments on 2017revival.)

(So I bought you a year of paid accountancy).

I'm not sure if one of my fellow admins made changes, or if the layout we're using was just waiting for paid time to be applied to it, but I finally had thirty seconds to take a look today, and lo and behold, there it was!

So if you swear you remember someone talking about aardvarks or some obscure OTP or whatever happens to tickle your particular fancy, but don't remember where it was, you should be able to find it now.

Thanks again, mysterious stranger!
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Not sure this is the best format for me, but giving it a try:

Name: Vicki or redbird
Age: 53
Location: Arlington, Mass. (it's near Boston)
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: If you know a rosvicl from anywhere, that's me

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I grew up and lived most of my life in New York City, but am starting to feel settled in Massachusetts. I'm a (part-time) freelance copyeditor and proofreader, and have been putting much of my energy into anti-Trump activism. I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and live with one of my three partners, and conveniently near one of the others. I read fewer books than I used to or would like, because the web is very good at handing me short things instead. I like walking around, looking at cities and people and birds and plants.

Top 5 Fandoms: Fandom in that sense isn't really my thing, though there are writers whose work I am very fond of. In an older sense, I've spent a lot of time in science fiction fandom, though I go to fewer cons than I used to and stopped publishing a zine because the net happened.

I mostly post about: apparently it's politics, gardening, and dealing with doctors

I rarely post about: I don't understand this question, there's a universe of topics I don't even know about, and many others that interest me if and only if someone writes about them particularly well.

My last three posts were about: hard drive space, gardening, and an icon to use for political posts

How often do you post? a couple of times a week

How about commenting?: Daily
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Name: jesse

Age: 61

Location: Wisconsin (north central Midwest USA)

Gender: Female

Languages: English, some ASL

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

  • I like long sentences, puns, and comics
  • The years on SSDI disability now outnumber those in the paid workforce.
  • I’ve gotten the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Disability Studies on the autodidact-home-school plan. My thesis was making WisCon more accessible to members in all our wonderful variety.

Top 5 Fandoms:

  • Assistive technology
  • Disability rights
  • System design
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Interdependence

I mostly post about:

  • real life
  • nifty technology/systems
  • link salads with extensive quotes
  • media reviews
  • silly sillinesses
  • moaning about myself (under filter)

I rarely post and actively avoid reading about current politics (my sanity is on the line)

My last three posts were about:

  • A poll on the purpose of yard orbs (aka gazing globes)
  • Photos of the shaggy underbellies of domestic animals
  • Reviews of five comics

How often do you post?
Weekly at best, but I’m in a spurt

How about commenting?
Every other day at least.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far: instructional video for ASL sign 'hopeful' )

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Name: Kawa | [personal profile] fandomonymous | [livejournal.com profile] fandomonymous, [twitter.com profile] kawaiidragoness, [livejournal.com profile] kawaiimae
Age: 28
Location: New York City
Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I was born and raised in New York City to Filipino parents, went to central Florida for college, bounced between the two for a while, and now am pretty determined to make life in New York work for me even if the rent is too damn high. My days are spent making healthcare-related spreadsheets function; I was a mathematician. The rest of the time can contain anything from the ridiculous food culture of New York to incredibly long walks to video games to Gunpla building to various queer/poly things.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I don't do fandom nearly as much as I used to, but I will talk your head off about any of the following:
* roguelikes
* Gundam, mostly Universal Century, Build Fighters, and Post Disaster/IBO
* FC Bayern, my dear soccer love

I'm also a pretty regular Yuletide participant.

I mostly post about:
General life updates, bisexuality/polyamory thoughts, the occasional fandom thing.

I rarely post about:
Politics, deep details about my day job. You also won't see much fiction/creative writing.

My last three posts were about:
Various details on the things I did that month and what I'm hoping to do the next month.

How often do you post?
I'm aiming for once a month, but maybe it'll be more.

How about commenting?
I do read everything pretty religiously, though I comment less frequently.
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Name: I've been Ruuger online for so long it pretty much is my name.

Age: 36

Location: Finland

Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a fannish jack-of-all-trades who has been active in online fandom since the late 90's and has done pretty much everything that one can do in fandom, from making icons to organising cons. Currently not very active due to Real Life Stuff, but I hope to get my fannish mojo back again some day.

Top 5 Fandoms: The Mentalist, Babylon 5, The X-Files and Buffyverse are my big ones, and I'm currently ~Very Excited~ about Doctor Who.

I mostly post about: Whatever I happen to be watching on TV at that moment.

I rarely post about: Real life stuff.

My last three posts were about: Watching Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, a touching Carrie Fisher tribute, and The X-Files coming back.

How often do you post? About once a week, maybe?

How about commenting? I try to leave at least a few comments whenever I read my f-list, which is a couple of times a week these days.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far:
 photo 17_5janerollseyes_zpsiy026gks.gif
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Name: Cris

Age: 45

Location: Pacific NW, United States

Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

I love to have conversations about fiction: characters, world building, fandom. I enjoy learning from other viewpoints as well as engaging with folks who have different life experience from mine. I write fantasy/sci-fi/horror, fanfiction, and poetry. Online, I’m open about my opinions, my depression, my story thoughts, my sexuality, my religious/spiritual beliefs, and… pretty much everything? My approach to life is to have convictions, have compassion, and to look for the way forward.

Top 5 Fandoms:

Cardcaptor Sakura, Disney’s Frozen, Disney’s Tangled, Pacific Rim, and folklore.

I mostly post about:

Whatever comes to mind that might start a conversation. Generally speaking, my observations and opinions regarding ongoing life experiences and creative endeavors.

I rarely post about:

Politics, my relationships.

My last three posts were about:

Problems at my current employment, a sh*tpost about liking my own writing, ancient history (personal) regarding a person my online+IRL friends here know about

How often do you post?

Several times a week, typically via email.

How about commenting?

When I can get online -- every few days or so -- to read my Reading List, I try to comment on posts. I’m much quicker to reply to comments (to my comments, or to my posts) because I can do that by email.
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Name: iolarah
Age: 40
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female, mostly (genderfluid)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I left home at 18, worked as a baker for years, got injured on the job and went back to university to study psychology, and ended up in user experience research. I'm married without kids, interested in politics (I'm pretty left-wing), the goth scene, LARPing, gardening, knitting, writing, and vinyl. I have three cats, two of whom are senior shelter rescues, and one who is a stray that adopted me.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I don't really participate in fandoms, but I do love Alien(s). Ripley for life.

I mostly post about:
Work, poetry, mental health, the everyday minutiae of my life, and sometimes snippets of fiction.

I rarely post about:
Politics. As much as I'm interested in politics, and especially political history, I don't write much about it. I tend to absorb more than I output.

My last three posts were about:
-Health care
-A poem I wrote

How often do you post?
Probably a couple of times a week, when time allows. I'm becoming more active since I moved from LJ (where I had a journal since 2003, iirc).

How about commenting?
I try to interact on most posts, to let people know I'm not just a lurker. Relationships take dialogue after all.
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Age: Early 50s.

Location: Australia.

Languages: English.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
I'm a bi poly non-binary-ish Aussie who is passionate about social justice and aviation. I fly gliders on the weekends. I'm doing The PhD That Will Not Die (Road Safety/Cognitive Psychology/Situation Awareness) but it's almost done now (allegedly)... FWIW, I've been keeping this blog continuously since 2001 (originally at LJ, but here exclusively since 2010).

Top 5 fandoms: I enjoy a variety of media, but I rarely do more than dip my toe in online fandom for the occasional work avoidancereading binge of reviews and analysis on a particular topic. That said, I do enjoy a good analysis/geek-out about Doctor Who, which over its 50 year life has provided a great deal of fertile ground for geekouts and theorising. :-)

So if I had to pick 5, they might be:

  • Doctor Who
  • Star Wars
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Mad Max:Fury Road
  • ...? Infinitely variable. I suck at "my favourite X" type lists, because my faves vary according to my mood.

I mostly post about: My longer posts are most often about my aviation exploits, along with some travel posts and other occasional personal stuff. I also sometimes write about my arty-crafty activities or my household critters (cats, fish and a horse) and now and then I throw in the occasional bit of geeking-out about a topic that grabs my attention, or a vehement and colourful rant (most likely to be about queer or political issues, crap customer service, or iTunes And Its Evil Ways).

My last 3 posts were about:
  • A photo-essay about a trip to New Zealand to attend an airshow during a cyclone;
  • Grumbling about the imminent cyclone, which I found out about when I arrived in NZ;
  • A discussion of various ways to fly a glider sideway, along with a short video clip of an interesting flight.

How often do you post: I generally write a longish post every month or so on average, along with the occasional shorter piece when the mood strikes me.

How about commenting: I comment when I have something to say. Which means to say: I rarely post "cool!" or "me too!" comments, but if someone is asking for advice or info on a topic that I have opinions on, I may say something; or if I have a strong reaction to something I may speak up.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
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Name:  Jason 
Age: 43
Location:  Minnesota, US 
Languages: English, some French, a little German, a little Spanish, a tiny amount of Japanese
Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:  I'm interested in the past and the future, but I'm quite dissatisfied with the present.  I love games (all sorts), music (most sorts - both listening and playing), science fiction and fantasy, comic books, cooking, chess (chess culture is sufficiently different from gaming culture that it merits its own entry).  I'm politically liberal and particularly interested in causes related to autism, LGBTQIA+ rights, disability rights, and labor rights - I'm pretty much always on the side of the underdog.  I work in medical records, have a graduate degree in history, and am currently back in school for a second graduate degree, this time in art history and museum studies.  I'm an outgoing introvert - I love being around people, but after a while I need to be alone to recharge for a bit - and I love hearing people talk about things that they love (if it's something I love too so that we can geek out about it together, so much the better, but the fact that you're acutely interested in something is sufficient to make it interesting to me).
On fandoms:  Fandom is like air - I've lived in it for so long that I don't notice it, but I wouldn't want to try to live without it.  Fandoms that I follow/ have followed to one degree or another include:  Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings (books and movies), BTVS/Angel, Firefly, Harry Potter (books and movies), Game of Thrones (mainly the books - I stopped watching the series after season 3), various comic books (Lumberjanes forever!), and various other books and TV shows.  All the fanfic I've written has been for Firefly, but I'll probably write in other fandoms as well.  I read fanfic of all sorts:  Gen, het, slash, femslash - it's all good.  I'll even read fanfics in fandoms where I've never seen the original (I wrote my first Firefly fic before I started watching the show).
I mostly post about: What's going on in my life, what I'm reading/watching, politics, random musings, music that's caught my ear.  Lately school and art history have occupied a lot of my mental space, so that's been showing up in my posts.
My last three DW posts were about: Two of my last 3 were closely related, so I'm going to go for last 5:  Art history/politics, fantasy baseball, baseball rules geekery, fannish politics, and gaming culture.
How often do you post?  Since I made an effort to come back to DW after the Recent Unpleasantness over at LJ, I've been posting over half the days, but I aspire to get back to posting at least daily.
A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far: 

Filling out this questionnaire was actually on my to-do list today, or else it wouldn't have gotten done.  I'm sandwiching it between database work for my graduate assistantship and research for my final project in Photography in Africa and the African Diaspora.  Also on the agenda for today:  Mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, going for a walk, practicing French (I'm on a 130-day streak on Duolingo).
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Name: Colleen
Age: 36
Location: Seattle, WA
Languages: English

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less: Cis-female, pansexual, monogamous, married, gothish, punkish, borderline-commie-pinko-socialist, ex-RHPS-Frank-of-14-years, holidays-camping-festival-and-lake-loving, whiskey-drinkin', foul-mouthed, glittery, MA-of-Archetypal-Psychology, former Jill-of-all-trades who has been the F around the block and is happy these days to be a stay-at-home-mom of one beautiful baby boy, 2 obnoxious cats and one bitch dog while perfecting the art of baking like a boss and man, life is a helluva lot different now than it was when I started ye ole LJ back in May of 2000.

On fandoms: The idea of a fandom is kind of abstract to me. So like, I LOVE Buffy / All Things Joss and Outlander and RHPS, but I actively avoid fanfic or whatever.

I mostly post about: My life. My kid. Rants. Recently it's been sort of a vomitorium of "here's what I've been up to lately also screw politics and my dog sucks and my kid is cute and here's a funny article and some YouTube clips."

My last three DW posts were about: my weekend, drinking excessively with a former BFF, my kid doing kid stuff

How often do you post? A few times per week, usually.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far:

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Name: Tabby
Age: 29
Location: Birmingham, England
Languages: English only

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
I'm 29 and I live in Birmingham, England, with my fiance Paul and our 4 year old daughter Chloe
I'm a dance and fitness instructor, and a trainee swimming instructor
I love country music.
I love urban fantasy and horror - especially vampires. I'm also a sucker for a good post-apocalupse/dystopia story.
I'm pretty outgoing, love people and I'm a sarcastic little bitch with a dark sense of humour.

Top 5 fandoms: I don't really know that I'm in fandom at al. What does that entail, preceisely?
Top loves include country music, the Vampire Chronicles, Supernatural, Nashville and The Walking Dead

I mostly post about:
I don't know, I've only just started this whole blogging thing. Family, hobbies, books, music.
I probably won't talk about work.

My last 3 posts were about:
Music, family, an introduction

How often do you post:
Three times since I joined in March. I sort of forgot I had an account so I guess this is take two. I'm hopng to post a couple of times a wek, maybe every 3-4 days

How about commenting:
I comment if I've got something to say

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
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Name: Mummimamma

Age: In 14 days I'll be 42. I expect all the answers to the life, universe and everything will revealed to me.

Location: Normally Bergen, Norway, but for the next couple of weeks I'm in Athens (the one with the Acropolis)

Languages: My journaling is in English. I read all Scandinavian languages, Greek, and reasonable French and German as well. And Latin - in case anyone is writing in Latin I'd *love* to read it.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
Norwegian linguist (hence all the languages) who thinks all evils can be solved with enough tea (preferably Assam) and a long leisurely breakfast.
I love reading, talking and thinking about things.
I am extrovert, and sometimes I feel like minority on the net.
I also love chocolate and running slowly (and then eating more chocolate. And drinking beer)

Top 5 fandoms:
I'm a venerate lurker in several fandoms
Harry Potter was the first one, which I'm currently having a fling with.
I occasionally participate in the Bujold fandoms Vorkosiverse and Five Gods.
Also I think I am falling out of love with Sherlock.
And I love meta - is that a fandom?

I mostly post about:
Myself! (it's my journal after all).
I try to keep some kind of booklog and academic work log as well

My last 3 posts were about:
Two entries about getting installed in Athens and the last one about a dream I had and my forays on Greek Tinder

How often do you post:
So far in 2017 I have posted 21 times, so a little more than once per week. Although sometimes there are several post in one week, and some weeks I don't post at all. I'm trying to write more regularly though.

How about commenting:
I try to comment regularly, at least if I have something to say.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
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Name:  free_to_dream

Age:  54
Location:  Pacific NW
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc:  None of the Above ^^;
Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:  Artistic introvert, generally quite friendly but I do get exhausted easily.  I am usually very patient and gentle with people, animals and things, but can sometimes be fractious, especially on the subjects of politics and religion.  I adore cats, nature, Tolkien, science fiction and fantasy in general, well-done fanfics, old books, Mother Earth News, mini farms, Alaskan reality shows, and far too many other things to list.  I am hoping to make friends with other adult females of like mind.  Rural to the core, I live on the outskirts of a tiny remote village near the Pacific coast, where I wake up each morning to the songs of birds and lawnmowers ^_^
Top 5 Fandoms:  Mainly old school.  LOTR, ST:TOS, anime (including CLAMP, FMA, Gravitation, Utena, etc) Robin Hood, GR's Andromeda, The Questor Tapes, numerous others... Oops, that was more than 5  ^^;
I mostly post about:  My artwork and writing, daily life and projects, and anything else I feel like talking about 
I rarely post about:  Other peoples' business.  
My last 3 posts were about:  Learning to use Blender, and two of my digital paintings
How often do you post?  I try to post at least a couple of times a week 
How about commenting?  Depending on my level of exhaustion, I try to reply to at least half of my friends' posts.
A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
n/a-- still haven't learned to use animated GIF's ^^; 
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I have moved away from LJ and I'm looking for new friends on here.

Name: Christine
Age: 33
Location: NYC
Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences (or bullet points) or less:
- I am an author and I write romance novels.
- I have lived in NYC all my life and I' a total city girl.
- After over 20 years I'm finally pursuing my dream of going into comedy and have taken my first improv class.
- I love to read.
- I have a bet dog named Breezy who's going to be 8 in June.

Top 5 Fandoms: Impractical Jokers, Outlander, New Kids on the Block, Gerard Butler, Phantom of the Opera

I mostly post about: Every day life, work, best friends, Impractical Jokers, comedy shows and surveys, Sal Vulcano

I rarely post about: Politics. I don't post about them at all.

My last three posts were about:
- Not liking this month cause Sal Vulcano didn't do any shows in the city for me to go to.
- Finishing writing a novel
- Getting a ticket to go see John Fugelsang do a standup comedy show

How often do you post? I try my best to post every day

How about commenting? I comment as long as I have something I can write on someone's entry. But I do comment on entries in return of those who comment on my entries.
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Name: Larisa
Age: 28
Location: Vermont, USA
Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences (or bullet points) or less:
- I love to write.
- I play a lot of video games and I write journal entries about them.
- I have a very dark sense of humor, but I also love slapstick and fart jokes.
- I am engaged, though I call him hubby because that’s less syllables than fiance.
- Hubby and I have two cats and a guinea pig, and they’re the world’s cutest pets.

Top 5 Fandoms: Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Creepypasta, Steven Universe, Dragon Ball Z

I mostly post about: Work, home life, mental illness (depression, anxiety, and possibly ADD), video games, writing, things I ship.

I rarely post about: Specifics on fandom projects. I am rusty and stupidly embarrassed.

My last three posts were about:
- How much I love DW and how proud I am of my current character on Oblivion.
- A couple of Steam game reviews.
- A fandom meme.

How often do you post? 1-2 times per day.

How about commenting?
Inconsistent. I try to comment as much as I can, but sometimes I can't think of anything to say, or I get distracted and forget. Sorry. ;_;

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:   


Apr. 30th, 2017 04:15 pm
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Name: angelique, and missangelique999 has been my handle for many, many moons
Age: thirty six years young
Location: floriderr, usa
Gender: specifically female

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: music is life. wannabe film buff. night beach lover. sarcasm, because it's legal to stab people with words.

Top 5 Fandoms: I don't have the fandoms down pat, yet.

I mostly post about: the fam. life. and lists. & I share art I appreciate.

I rarely post about: fandoms. teehehe

My last three posts were about:"speed dating(with friends)", a "delightful" smoothie recipe, & a 10 year personal health map.

How often do you post? several times a day.

How about commenting? I comment more than I receive. I love to give.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
cleaning minion


Apr. 30th, 2017 01:18 pm
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Name: Logan
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, IL
Gender: Genderqueer

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm a fairly goth, music, and art obsessed person. I'm studying to become a therapist. I love animals, I'm loyal, and I am fairly creative. INFP, Gemini sun/Sagittarius moon, empath.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I do not really participate in fandoms, to be honest.

I mostly post about:
My life, goth things, clothes, music, animals, art, gender/trans things, mental health stuff.

I rarely post about:
Legitimate fandom things. I might post about liking stuff but I don't really follow or post about things to the extent of really being involved in a fandom.

My last three posts were about:
-The goth club night I went to last night
-The CDs I purchased
-My plans for the summer

How often do you post?
I've been posting fairly regularly. Not every day. I'd like to try to post on an every-other-day schedule, perhaps, but I think that would be easier if I also had more people with which to interact!

How about commenting?
I don't really have enough people to subscribe to to comment a lot, but I do try to comment on posts with regularity!
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Name: Sareini, or Kat (darkkat on LJ)
Age: 37
Location: Somewhere in the middle of the UK
Gender: Mostly female with male leanings

Describe myself in five sentences bullet points or less:
- Widowed, no children, two cats
- Has depression, OCD, severe anxiety and panic attacks, and PTSD
- Lover of many geeky things, including comics, video game and (nearly) all things horror, particularly zombies and found-footage (for my sins)
- Discordian Taoist
- Have filled my house with yarn in my ongoing quest to knit and crochet all the things.

Top five fandoms:
- Horror movies
- Comic books (specifically Loki, X-Men and the Bat-Family)
- Criminal Minds
- DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- Steven Universe

I mostly post about:
I'm getting back into having an online journal after stopping for several years (back when I was on LJ). Hearing about the latest disaster that LJ had become, I decided to move over here (to another long-abandoned journal I made for gaming stuff years ago) and so I don't have too much of a regular contents list as of yet. But so far it's mostly cats, my ongoing cornucopia of mental illnesses, movies I've seen (mostly horror), comics and whatever random stuff strikes my neurons. I'm also trying to get back into writing so occasional strange snippets of things - fanfic and originalfic - will probably appear. Oh, and I also swear a lot.

My last three posts:
- Comics recommendations for my brother
- Seeing GotG Vol.2 (some spoilers behind a cut)
- Ranting about the setup of my local brick-and-mortar media store

How often I post/comment:
I'm trying to post every day, unless all I have to post is something like "Still alive. Cats still alive. Weather cloudy," because that could get repetitive fast. The same goes for commenting, although my anxiety can trip me up with that sometimes.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

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Name: charlie or dragon
Age: old enough to know better, young enough to try anyway
Location: England

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG etc.:
These can all be found on my profile page :)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
Oh my, you don't ask for much do you o.O Here goes nothing.

I read (and write) slash, het, gen & multi fanfic, watch/read the same in books/tv shows/films etc. & happily make art for all types of pairings as well.

I knit (and sometimes crochet) and have far too many WiPs but am always happy to add another to the pile, and wish that I had time to dust off my sewing machine and make proper use of it.

I'm an older sister and generally the person who, when no one's in charge, takes charge, but when I had an official Myers-Briggs assessment, the assessor said I was an exactly balanced introvert/extrovert and that she hadn't seen one before...

My love for the fantasy genre & pretty much all things dragon, let me show it to you *opens wardrobe to Narnia, the doors to Hogwarts and the front door of Bag End*

Music is very important to me, for the music itself as well as the memories attached to it.

Top 5 Fandoms:
Currently, and in no particular order ...
- Harry Potter
- Stargate (SG-1 & SGA)
- Black Sails (I need to actually watch s4 *whistles innocently*)
- Game of Thrones (books & TV)
- MCU (mostly the films, I'm rather behind on a lot of the TV/Netflix shows *pouts*)

There's plenty of others that I'm all a-flail over, but these are the ones that I'm either desperately reading fic for, discussing with friends/family like woah or practically counting down the days until it's back on TV (such as Sense8, back on Friday!). Most of the others are either small/obscure or the show's finished so the fandom's quiet (yes, I know that Stargate's been over for a while now, but see my face and how much I care?!) or in some cases, practically non-existent.

I mostly post about:
Fandom, my life, the two mixing, occasionally knitting related things. There isn't really anything that's Not Discussed, but the things below are less likely to come up than others.

I rarely post about:
Politics or religion, but they do come up sometimes. I post about anything that I feel the need to so nothing's completely off the table, but these are some of the less likely things to come up.

My last three posts were about:
- My Saturday (inc. knitting, DOOM (mm, Karl Urban), and stationary)
- A PSA about change in meds
- My Saturday last weekend & Teen Wolf (yeah, I have no idea either!)

How often do you post?
Sporadically, but I'm doing my best to use the move to DW to push myself to post more regularly, e.g. every few days.

How about commenting?
About the same as the above, but I'm more likely to comment than post at the moment.
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Name: Adam Fenton
Age: 34. Jeez - that's old, right?
Location: Scotland
Gender: Male

Describe myself in five bullet points or less:

- Father of one lovely boy; husband of one lovely lassie
- Geek of various stripes
- Fragile/ This Way Up
- Friendly, supportive, lover of fixing things
- Collector of trivia and lover of fascinations (which is mainly what this account is about)

Top five fandoms:

In no particular order
- Star Trek
- Battlestar Galactica
- Babylon 5
- Game of Thrones
- Marvel Cinematic Universe

I mostly post about: Links, links, links! I aggregate the interesting links that I post on my Facebook and collect on my Pinboard. If you enjoy reading random stuff, please follow any of these!

My last three posts:
Interesting Links for 29-04-2017

Interesting Links for 28-04-2017

Interesting Links for 27-04-2017

How often I post/comment:
I post mostly on weekdays with that day's findings.

GIF to describe day so far:
I've been baking, so...
Baking Bread


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