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Name: Kimi
Age: 28 (I don't act it though!)
About Me: I'm autistic, but I'm only on the mild end of the spectrum. I also have mildish Dyspraxia, ADHD and very severe anxiety. I suspect that I might have Bipolar II, but I can't get a proper diagnosis for that at this time. I'm very heavily into writing and disability rights as well. I'm an all around crazy person who also happens to be a fangirl. :3 I also consider myself to be a little, which is a bit different from ABDL. I am asexual/biromantic, and that means that I don't see it as a sexual thing either. It's just a mode I go into to help with my anxiety at times. ^^ I'm also not prejudice of anyone. I love everyone, and I don't care if you are Muslim, disabled... whatever. I just love everyone as long as they are nice!
About my journal: I do tend to fangirl some, but you don't really see it unless I'm super obsessed with something. My latest obsession was Harry Hook from Descendants 2. I also talk a lot about my writing and my boring life. I also talk about other things that I can't really name atm.
Interests: Loki/Tom Hiddleston, Disney stuff, plushies, writing, the minions, disability rights... and more.

I hope to be good friends with you all! X3
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