May. 8th, 2017

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Age: Early 50s.

Location: Australia.

Languages: English.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
I'm a bi poly non-binary-ish Aussie who is passionate about social justice and aviation. I fly gliders on the weekends. I'm doing The PhD That Will Not Die (Road Safety/Cognitive Psychology/Situation Awareness) but it's almost done now (allegedly)... FWIW, I've been keeping this blog continuously since 2001 (originally at LJ, but here exclusively since 2010).

Top 5 fandoms: I enjoy a variety of media, but I rarely do more than dip my toe in online fandom for the occasional work avoidancereading binge of reviews and analysis on a particular topic. That said, I do enjoy a good analysis/geek-out about Doctor Who, which over its 50 year life has provided a great deal of fertile ground for geekouts and theorising. :-)

So if I had to pick 5, they might be:

  • Doctor Who
  • Star Wars
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Mad Max:Fury Road
  • ...? Infinitely variable. I suck at "my favourite X" type lists, because my faves vary according to my mood.

I mostly post about: My longer posts are most often about my aviation exploits, along with some travel posts and other occasional personal stuff. I also sometimes write about my arty-crafty activities or my household critters (cats, fish and a horse) and now and then I throw in the occasional bit of geeking-out about a topic that grabs my attention, or a vehement and colourful rant (most likely to be about queer or political issues, crap customer service, or iTunes And Its Evil Ways).

My last 3 posts were about:
  • A photo-essay about a trip to New Zealand to attend an airshow during a cyclone;
  • Grumbling about the imminent cyclone, which I found out about when I arrived in NZ;
  • A discussion of various ways to fly a glider sideway, along with a short video clip of an interesting flight.

How often do you post: I generally write a longish post every month or so on average, along with the occasional shorter piece when the mood strikes me.

How about commenting: I comment when I have something to say. Which means to say: I rarely post "cool!" or "me too!" comments, but if someone is asking for advice or info on a topic that I have opinions on, I may say something; or if I have a strong reaction to something I may speak up.

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