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Name: Alchemia Dent
Age: as i saw someone else say, 'do you remember rotary phones?' :-(
Location: red city with more places of worship per capita than any other USA city.  and i'm an athiest and queer and a masochist, so naturally we moved to this hellhole.
Gender: Male
Languages: English, ASL (not that that helps much in a journal), my Dutch is rusty, as is my old english etc.  Does perl or lisp (computer languages) count?

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: been on LJ since the time of invites before brad sold it.  Love fandom, esp HP fandom but loath JKR and HP canon... if that confuses you, you may not like my journal (probably best known for meta rants, SurveyFail Ogi Ogas tentical porn, and various Snarry  including Wandless, Pigfeathers and the WIP (a bittersweet potion) thats been waiting over a decade for the next installment because spouse & cowriter bugland and I never expected to be quadruple whammied with medical emergancies).  Autistic and have Ehlers Danlos (genetic disease of connective tissue resulting in constant injuries and chronic pain).  We have a mini farm with mini sheep, chickens, service dogs, african grey parrot, elderly cat i'm surprised is still alive and a few rats (this is actually way down from what we had before medical shit storm).  financially poor, almost all my family is dead or disowned me, horrible social anxiety so no local friends, when not having a panic attack i am often depressed,  haven't painted for over a decade due to arthritis, am nolstalgic for HP and LJ fandom when meta was frequent and indepth, canon was open, there was hope it wasnt one long cheesy calvanist tract..... i have no clue why i'm filling this out as i've no clue why anyone would want to friend me.

Top 5 Fandoms: Harry Potter is pretty much it.... i cant afford comics, i have no tv, cant afford subscriptions to online stuff or movies.  The crossovers Ive done with HP are with things like Gilgamesh epic, works of Gertrude Stein etc.

I mostly post about: i havent posted for a long time so trying to find my journal voice again... likely will be meta and fic/art and complaining about how worthless i am

My last three posts were about: jkr and cultural appropiation, info search on a work of art at a local museaum, computer woes.

How often do you post? trying to get back into it, so not really sure.

How about commenting? ditto.  something i miss on other platforms that dont do this well or even discourage / prevent it.

Date: 2017-06-08 08:01 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] catness
Hi there, a fellow asocial person. I'm going to stalk you, if you don't mind an old, evil, cynical Slytherin hovering around your Pensieves. Always love me a good rant, even though we may disagree on a bunch of issues. Perl used to be my favourite scripting language, back in the good old days... Could never get a hang of Lisp, all these parentheses drive me insane. ;) My intro is here.

Date: 2017-07-18 10:04 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] azrielle_jones
Hey! I'm new to DW and looking for friends into HP fandom :) I read and write slash only (currently Harry/Draco) so if you're into that we could be friends!

I have crippling anxiety & depression at times (with new meds I've gotten better) and I also have no friends locally! I live in a super tiny town that is mostly retired seniors so it's very isolating :/

If you wanna be friends just add me and I'll add you back :)


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