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Name: Tamanna, but most people call me Tam or Tammy

Age: almost 29, ack!

Location: Asia, shortly to be moving to Europe, if things work out

Gender: cis femme, she/her 

Languages: English, French, and a teeny bit of Spanish

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Your friendly neighbour cis femme ace queer geek. I am a bit of a Cranky Fandom Old (relatively, anyway) having been here since the 90s, and have increasingly less patience for drama and purity nonsense. I write a lot of fix-it fanfic/headcanons. I'm a translator by trade and a language geek by dint of interest, and I love words in general. 

Interests: Books/TV shows that aren't by/about straight cis white dudes, planning / bullet journaling, exploring new places, fashion, history, cooking, queer issues, disability/access issues, romance novels, podcasts, and more that I can't remember right now.

Top 5 fandoms: Harry Potter (with the caveat that I only acknowledge the existence of the first four books and NONE of the movies), Numb3rs, Check Please!, Superman/Batman, and Star Trek AOS.

I mostly post about: I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting after years away, but I’m trying to post about a combination of daily life (and my - fingers crossed - future move), fannish stuff, including fic, headcanons, and meta, and book/movie reviews. Linkspams, sometimes.

I rarely post about: Politics. If I think too much about the current state of the world I’ll start screaming and never stop.

My last three posts were about: Star Wars fandom meta, squeeing about the Pens winning Game 7 of the series against the Caps, a general State of the Tam post.

How often do you post?: Like I said, I’m out of the habit of posting, especially after years on Tumblr, but I’m trying for about a post a week, minimum.

How about commenting?: I like to comment a lot! I’m trying to be more active, especially since I’ve fallen out of the habit - if you post something interesting, I’m going to at least try and respond, assuming I have something relevant/intelligent to say. 

Describe your day with a gif:

GIF of a baby elephant on a grassy field, swinging its trunk around, while a goose watches in the background..

Date: 2017-05-20 02:08 pm (UTC)
komischkatze: (Miles Edgeworth)
From: [personal profile] komischkatze
Hey! I'm another queer relatively fandom old (and definitely a bit cranky) geek :D
I'm into podcasts and queer media, and always looking for recs. I've been meaning to look into Check Please! for a while but never got around to it (so maybe this is a gentle reminder-nudge from the universe, hah!)
Would you like to be friends?

Date: 2017-05-20 02:55 pm (UTC)
komischkatze: (Stevonnie)
From: [personal profile] komischkatze
I've long-since learned to ignore a large contingent of Tumblr :P I'll likely check it out soon, when I have some free time (finally)!

Date: 2017-05-20 02:46 pm (UTC)
jesse_the_k: amazed Alanna (hero of Staples/Vaughn SAGA comic) (alanna is amazed)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
Old & former interpreter (ASL, then got sick & broken memory). I'm subbing.

Date: 2017-05-20 03:23 pm (UTC)
decepticats: (D - sweat)
From: [personal profile] decepticats
I am a bit of a Cranky Fandom Old (relatively, anyway) having been here since the 90s, and have increasingly less patience for drama and purity nonsense.

I'm so glad we've already added each other because I've never related to a statement more in recent years, lol.

Date: 2017-05-21 04:23 pm (UTC)
flowerfuck: (Default)
From: [personal profile] flowerfuck
Ah! A fellow bullet-journaller and Tumblr survivor! Let's be buds? :D

Date: 2017-05-22 12:43 am (UTC)
fuckyeahseb: an icon with the letters FYS in mint green against a chocolate brown background with a yellow diamond below the letters and then a think stripe of mint green at the bottom (Default)
From: [personal profile] fuckyeahseb
I subscribed to you here on DW because I think I will like your fandom and book related posts. Also, maybe seeing someone talking about bullet journaling will remind me to use mine.

Date: 2017-05-26 08:57 am (UTC)
swiftsnowmane: (Unicorn at the Fountain)
From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
Oh my goodness, I feel you on the lacking patience for 'drama and purity nonsense' -- one of the reasons I'm here on DW is to find at least *some* kind of respite from *cough* tumblr *cough*. :p

And I'm so curious re: what you said about only accepting the first four HP books as canon and ignoring the films. I personally loathe the HP films and have never acknowledged them. I also recall being extremely devastated by the death of a certain character in Book Five, though I did continue with the rest of the series afterward. I can't presume to know what your own reasons behind feeling this way are of course, but colour me intrigued. :)

Date: 2017-05-26 12:06 pm (UTC)
swiftsnowmane: (Unicorn at the Fountain)
From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
Re: tumblr - ha , yes, I feel you. I'm still on tumblr, but I find it so incredibly frustrating and unsatisfactory when it comes to fandom interaction that I'm close to despair on a daily basis. Le siiiigh. :p

And with regard to HP -- don't worry at all, I was genuinely curious. I can totally see all of your points on this! While I was perhaps not nearly as attached to the magical school genre as you are, I can and do appreciate it very much (especially the Roald Dahl connection you bring up!). Also, there were other aspects that really upset me back in the day when reading the latter books. (It may sound silly *now*, but at the time, Sirius Black's death almost made me quit the books completely. It just felt unnecessarily cruel to that character. Almost like, 'let's take one of Harry's mentors away just for the sake of *Harry's* storyline with no regard to *Sirius'* arc' Idk. like I said, it sounds silly, but as he was my favourite character, it was just...crushingly depressing to me at the time.)

Again, while I don't necessarily feel as strongly about some of the issues you've brought up (simply as it's been that long since I read the series), I can definitely understand where you are coming from. Thanks for explaining! :)

Date: 2017-05-26 01:28 pm (UTC)
swiftsnowmane: (Default)
From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
Ha! yes, you are absolutely right -- the SW side of tumblr fandom drives me nuts at the best of times. I keep a very active Star Wars sideblog, but I mostly just post and share things rather than attempt much outright interaction at this point. There are some lovely people I chat with via PM there, but I rarely attempt much public 'discourse' these days. :P

And omg....TFA is just.... SO. MUCH. NOPE. UUUUUUGHHHH. I pretty much feel about it in similar terms to how you explained your feels on the latter half of HP. I saw it in cinemas when it came out and have been trying to erase it from the data files of my memory ever since. I am a HUGE fan of Anakin Skywalker/Vader, and his redemption via the father-son connection in RotJ has meant EVERYTHING to me ever since I was a little kid. And well...for me, TFA and the entire premise of the sequels is anathema to this. I just can't even handle it. I have completely and utterly ignored every single thing to do with them for over a year now -- I blacklist everything, and pay zero attention to trailers, promos, spec, etc, etc. I just...don't wanna know. :p I hide out happily in my own lil corner of the SW universe where the story ends at RotJ, as it has always done. :D

(Here's a post that I wrote last year on the subject. It's not a perfect essay by any means, but it's basically just me pouring my heart out over all this: The Chosen One, the Hero's Journey, and breaking the cycle of enslavement in Star Wars.)

And ahhh, yes, again, you are spot-on with that assessment of the Sirius storyline. Of course, even while I was reading it that first, horrible time, I knew it was all in service of the Hero's Journey, blah, blah. But I guess it just stung so much because, as you say, he still had SO much to offer Harry?? It wasn't like, an old, aged mentor dying...this was someone who'd had the best years of his life stolen from him, and who finally had a chance to make good use of his freedom. UGh. It still kills me! ;_;

So omg, wow, yes...if you happen to know of any 'Sirius lives!' AU fics that do him at least a bit more justice, that would be brilliant! They don't even have to feature him as the main character necessarily, just having him around still, or even just for a while longer, would be so lovely. :)

** As you can probably tell, I'm pretty obsessed with stories about characters who are either imprisoned, enslaved, or in a state of mental/ideological enslavement, and then must try to find freedom and/or some kind of redemption/salvation, either for themselves or others. What can I say, it's a topic that resonates with me deeply. I guess I *really* take that quote to heart, about how "the best stories are stories of escape". :)

Date: 2017-05-26 02:19 pm (UTC)
swiftsnowmane: (Default)
From: [personal profile] swiftsnowmane
Yes, you are absolutely right -- the blend of the sjw mentality and fandom just does. not. work. *especially* on such an asinine platfom. It prohibits so much free speech on so many subjects, because you have people either constantly shaming and/or self-censoring left and right. -_-

And on an objective level, I can see how TFA can be an enjoyable film on its own terms. And in fact, if it *had* been a film that had nothing to with the Skywalker saga in any shape or form, then I might have even been able to enjoy it. But as a supposed 'continuation' of it? Oh...oh god. Just...no. D: (And yes, I did not even bring up the Leia side of things simply because it upsets me too much to even discuss, really.... especially after losing Carrie. ;_;)

Thank you so much for directing me to others who feel the same way! It's always great to find people one can speak freely around... :)

And thank you also for the fic rec -- I will definitely be checking it out! ^.^

Date: 2017-07-18 10:40 pm (UTC)
azrielle_jones: (Default)
From: [personal profile] azrielle_jones
Hey! I'm new to DW looking for friends into Harry Potter (I slash Harry/Draco) and I enjoy some Marauders fic :)

I have an about be sticky post and info in my profile if you're interested!

If you'd like to be friends add me and I'll add you back!


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