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Name:  free_to_dream

Age:  54
Location:  Pacific NW
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc:  None of the Above ^^;
Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:  Artistic introvert, generally quite friendly but I do get exhausted easily.  I am usually very patient and gentle with people, animals and things, but can sometimes be fractious, especially on the subjects of politics and religion.  I adore cats, nature, Tolkien, science fiction and fantasy in general, well-done fanfics, old books, Mother Earth News, mini farms, Alaskan reality shows, and far too many other things to list.  I am hoping to make friends with other adult females of like mind.  Rural to the core, I live on the outskirts of a tiny remote village near the Pacific coast, where I wake up each morning to the songs of birds and lawnmowers ^_^
Top 5 Fandoms:  Mainly old school.  LOTR, ST:TOS, anime (including CLAMP, FMA, Gravitation, Utena, etc) Robin Hood, GR's Andromeda, The Questor Tapes, numerous others... Oops, that was more than 5  ^^;
I mostly post about:  My artwork and writing, daily life and projects, and anything else I feel like talking about 
I rarely post about:  Other peoples' business.  
My last 3 posts were about:  Learning to use Blender, and two of my digital paintings
How often do you post?  I try to post at least a couple of times a week 
How about commenting?  Depending on my level of exhaustion, I try to reply to at least half of my friends' posts.
A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
n/a-- still haven't learned to use animated GIF's ^^; 
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Name: Colleen
Age: 36
Location: Seattle, WA
Languages: English

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less: Cis-female, pansexual, monogamous, married, gothish, punkish, borderline-commie-pinko-socialist, ex-RHPS-Frank-of-14-years, holidays-camping-festival-and-lake-loving, whiskey-drinkin', foul-mouthed, glittery, MA-of-Archetypal-Psychology, former Jill-of-all-trades who has been the F around the block and is happy these days to be a stay-at-home-mom of one beautiful baby boy, 2 obnoxious cats and one bitch dog while perfecting the art of baking like a boss and man, life is a helluva lot different now than it was when I started ye ole LJ back in May of 2000.

On fandoms: The idea of a fandom is kind of abstract to me. So like, I LOVE Buffy / All Things Joss and Outlander and RHPS, but I actively avoid fanfic or whatever.

I mostly post about: My life. My kid. Rants. Recently it's been sort of a vomitorium of "here's what I've been up to lately also screw politics and my dog sucks and my kid is cute and here's a funny article and some YouTube clips."

My last three DW posts were about: my weekend, drinking excessively with a former BFF, my kid doing kid stuff

How often do you post? A few times per week, usually.

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Name: Tabby
Age: 29
Location: Birmingham, England
Languages: English only

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
I'm 29 and I live in Birmingham, England, with my fiance Paul and our 4 year old daughter Chloe
I'm a dance and fitness instructor, and a trainee swimming instructor
I love country music.
I love urban fantasy and horror - especially vampires. I'm also a sucker for a good post-apocalupse/dystopia story.
I'm pretty outgoing, love people and I'm a sarcastic little bitch with a dark sense of humour.

Top 5 fandoms: I don't really know that I'm in fandom at al. What does that entail, preceisely?
Top loves include country music, the Vampire Chronicles, Supernatural, Nashville and The Walking Dead

I mostly post about:
I don't know, I've only just started this whole blogging thing. Family, hobbies, books, music.
I probably won't talk about work.

My last 3 posts were about:
Music, family, an introduction

How often do you post:
Three times since I joined in March. I sort of forgot I had an account so I guess this is take two. I'm hopng to post a couple of times a wek, maybe every 3-4 days

How about commenting:
I comment if I've got something to say

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Name: Mummimamma

Age: In 14 days I'll be 42. I expect all the answers to the life, universe and everything will revealed to me.

Location: Normally Bergen, Norway, but for the next couple of weeks I'm in Athens (the one with the Acropolis)

Languages: My journaling is in English. I read all Scandinavian languages, Greek, and reasonable French and German as well. And Latin - in case anyone is writing in Latin I'd *love* to read it.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:
Norwegian linguist (hence all the languages) who thinks all evils can be solved with enough tea (preferably Assam) and a long leisurely breakfast.
I love reading, talking and thinking about things.
I am extrovert, and sometimes I feel like minority on the net.
I also love chocolate and running slowly (and then eating more chocolate. And drinking beer)

Top 5 fandoms:
I'm a venerate lurker in several fandoms
Harry Potter was the first one, which I'm currently having a fling with.
I occasionally participate in the Bujold fandoms Vorkosiverse and Five Gods.
Also I think I am falling out of love with Sherlock.
And I love meta - is that a fandom?

I mostly post about:
Myself! (it's my journal after all).
I try to keep some kind of booklog and academic work log as well

My last 3 posts were about:
Two entries about getting installed in Athens and the last one about a dream I had and my forays on Greek Tinder

How often do you post:
So far in 2017 I have posted 21 times, so a little more than once per week. Although sometimes there are several post in one week, and some weeks I don't post at all. I'm trying to write more regularly though.

How about commenting:
I try to comment regularly, at least if I have something to say.

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