Apr. 9th, 2017


Apr. 9th, 2017 09:29 am
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When I visited this community, decided to join, and left a post about myself for others to find, I noticed a significant number of getting-to-know-me posts by others. Many of these looked like people I'd be interested in engaging with.

Due to lack of time then, I didn't follow up. Checked this morning, found that most of them were gone -- there are only the (at the moment, 45) most recent entries remaining! Can anyone tell me what happened/whether those entries are still around? Thanks.
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I'm Jay/gender_euphoric. I am/was also gender_euphoric at Livejournal. After 15 years of using livejournal as my main blog, I think even I am finally about done. Importing over here as we speak! My icons have arrived :D

I don't know if anyone really wants to add some middle aged fat trans queer they don't know, but if you do please feel free. I prefer this style of social media and miss having active journals to keep up with. I live outside of Madison, Wisconsin currently and love cats.

andddd i didn't even follow the correct intro style for this comm. failure.


Apr. 9th, 2017 04:08 pm
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Name: [personal profile] randomdrops ;)
Age: TumblrOld. Let's just say 30's.
Location: USA. Currently Virginia, but I tend to move around a lot.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I love nature and being outdoors, also gaming and computers and nerdy media. I deal with depression, anxiety, and ADHD - which can all play a rather large part in my updating/activity level. A large percentage of my entries are locked, because I post about RL stuff and would like to keep that semi-private. My dream is to be a nomad, but sadly I don't have the income or savings for it at the moment. I am non-religious and rather liberal when it comes to US political beliefs.

Top 5 Fandoms:
I don't really fandom much lately, but in the past some of the biggest have been: X-Men (mostly 90s era comics), SGA, White Collar, Teen Wolf and currently in love with Fraction!Hawkeye.

Other shows I've loved but don't really do fandom: Brooklyn 99, Parks and Rec, X-Files, Leverage. Star Wars movies.

I mostly post about:
Lately, mostly RL stuff. Work, hiking with my dog, dream hikes I'd like to go on, Life Stuff. I will occasionally post about depression and my random moods, but I try to keep things at least somewhat positive. It's easy for me to get sucked into seeing only the negative, so I try to be mindful of that. I will also occasionally post about fitness and weight loss (currently actively doing Weight Watchers).

I rarely post about:

My last three posts were about:
As of writing this, work and the impending tornado watch, being happy I was having a Good Day, and a hike I went on with my dog. About to write a post about my grandmother.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
It's not a set schedule. I try to be on pretty frequently, often daily, but sometimes Life gets busy and I don't show up for a week. If I'm not posting I am most likely still reading at least. I try to comment when I have something to say. I figure you can't really make friends and get to know people by lurking, so commenting is the way to go.

A GIF/picture to describe how your day has been so far:

It's been an emotional couple of days.


Apr. 9th, 2017 09:52 pm
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I'd love to get more friends in fandom! Tumblr is great for pretty images but not so much for interaction!

Name: Circe
Age: 30s
Location: Gotham
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: allumina on tumblr (but it's only for posting my fandom manips)
Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm kind of a goth, sort of an environmentalist, completely a feminist, pretty much a liberal, etc. I live in a big city working for a non-profit having various adventures and whatnot. I have been in fandom since my teens, love media with female protagonists, and read fanfic like it's my job. I love music, mostly of the goth/synth/industrial kind, but also of the 80s pop, 90s grunge and classic rock variety, among others. If I'm not out dancing or tending my fish/shrimp tank, I'll be photoshopping, crafting (mostly for costumes) or reading.

Top 5 Fandoms:
Right now I'm all about Riverdale, but other top/recent fandoms are Doctor Who (classic, RTD & Big Finish), Labyrinth, Elementary, and Mad Max Fury Road. I'm also big on X-Men, Buffy/Angel, Brooklyn 99, Orphan Black, original and reboot Trek, Star Wars EU and the aforementioned goth/industrial/synth music.

I mostly post about:
Fandom, music, real life, occasionally politics.

My last three posts were about:
Being mad at my brain, Riverdale murder theories, and Comiccon.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I am trying to do my very own 2017 revival on my journal, and right now I'm doing pretty well at posting about once a week. I like commenting (otherwise online journaling sort of feels like you're shouting into a void, doesn't it?) and usually do it weekly when I update.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

(I got a lot done, woo!)


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