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Name: Rose Fox (yes, this is my actual name)
Location: NYC
Twitter: [twitter.com profile] rosefox, [twitter.com profile] storyhospital, [twitter.com profile] grammarhulk
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] rosefox, but I'm going to be deleting that soon (after 16 years, *sniffle*)

Describe yourself in five or fewer sentences or less:
Editor, author, critic, journalist, writing teacher, advice columnist. Three spouses (including myself), one toddler, three cats, several queerplatonic partners, many friends and colleagues, a billion acquaintances. New Yorker, night owl, knitter, reader, punster, traveler, interior designer, baker and cook, walker, dancer, programmer, linguist, researcher, fashionistx, activist, event and convention organizer, inveterate volunteer, meticulous nitpicker, opinionated loudmouth, democratic socialist, social justice bard. Queer, genderqueer (sometimes a theydy, sometimes a gentlethem), polyam relationship anarchist, disabled and chronically ill, anxious and obsessive-compulsive, partially faceblind, Jewish panentheist, short; white, allo, allistic, thin, well-off, self-confident, respected in my field. I passionately advocate for practicing active self-care and universal compassion while defying injustice, unkindness, and bullshit.

In unlocked posts I mostly post recipes and funny anecdotes. In locked posts I get more personal. I'm never cruel to other people or myself. I whine occasionally but rarely wallow. I TW/CN and cut-tag and filter when warranted, and I'll never post a photo so big that it breaks your friends page. If you spot a typo in one of my posts, I'll give you a pony (and fix the typo).

My last three posts were about confusing someone by being polyamorous, getting an idea for a novel and being annoyed because I'm already writing two novels, and admiring my excessively adorable child. This is pretty representative.

I post every few days, and comment often on other people's posts. I'm less good about responding to comments on my posts, but trying to get better at it.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far:

a sloth in a hammock, looking relaxed
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Name: Dwight Williams (I never hid this, for reasons of promoting what creative work I had in print at the time.)
Age: Legal adulthood range, and I've been in this category a while now.
Location: Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada, on the traditional territory of the Algonquin or Omàmiwininiwak Nation

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I've been an office worker, a writer, an illustrator. A Canadian by birth and by choice who sees himself as also being part of the larger human family, however riven by strife we still are. Cis-het, white, "Settler"-descended, uncertain of my religious affiliations.

Top 5 fandoms:
This list is going to change from day to day, so I hope you'll forgive me if I leave it vague. Superheroes, space opera, crime drama/mystery are among my sub-genres of choice.

I mostly post about:
This is going to vary widely from day to day, from post to post.

My last few LJ posts were about:
Geopolitical stuff, science fiction, astronomy, urban history, self-perception...

How often do you post? How about commenting?
A few times a week. If I'm feeling particularly verbose, several times a day. I am more inclined to comment on others' posts, and I apologize in advance for those times when it gets annoying to my new neighbours.
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Name: Jennie
Age: 39
Location: Yorksher
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: I have a list of accounts in other places and how active I am on them here

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm an SJW cliche: Liberal in the British sense rather than the American or Australian, and reasonably high up in various bits of the Liberal Democrats - I'm on regional exec, I'm the acting chair of the LGBT+ faction, I'm on one of the 3 ruling committees of the party, and I'm one of the 3 regular hosts of Glee Club.
Autistic, depressed and anxious, and mother to an autistic and anxious daughter.
Bi, poly, and (mostly) happily ensconced in a poly household with an extensive polygon.
Geeky about all things scifi and fantasy.
Multicoloured hair, many tattoos, lots of piercings.

Top 5 Fandoms:
Doctor Who (except 10)
Red Dwarf
Music of most kinds but expecially things with heavy bass and/or lots of guitar.
Doggies, especially my doggies, but also (for example) Arthur Whippet on Twitter and WhippyJim and Moose on Instagram.
And I suspect I ought to put British Politics here, because it basically IS a fandom, isn't it? With all the BNFs and backstabbing that implies...

I mostly post about:
Most of what you'll see on my blog day to day are my daily linkspam posts, which are links to anything I have found interesting, and are done automatically. Actually typed posts tend to be mostly politics, but really, it's whatever comes into my head to post about that's too long for twitter.

My last three posts were about:
(not counting linkspams)
Supergirl TV show and how ace it is
A local by election that my party came second in
Barry Manilow and the media's response to his recent news.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
Linkspam is daily. Actual posts are much more sporadic - some weeks it's several times a day, some weeks it's not at all. This is almost always a reflection of how my mental health is. The iller I am, the more I tend to drop off everything except Twitter. If I'm ever not-on-Twitter you know things are REALLY bad.
I almost always reply to comments on my own posts, usually quite quickly, but email is the first thing to stop checking if I'm Having a Mental, so not always.
I comment on other people's posts generally when I read, and I always read back after I've made a post myself. So If I'm posting a lot, you'll see an uptick in comments from me. If I'm in a non-posting phase, you'll not see any.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
Stewie Griffin streaming with snot
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Name: yarrowkat (both here and on LJ); given name Kat.
Age: 40
Location: New Mexico, US.
Other social media: yarrowkat on Instagram & Goodreads. sometimesaparticle is my poetry account on instagram

Describe yourself in five or fewer sentences: i am a queer femme polyamorous white cisgendered middle-class pagan, deeply invested in compassion, connection & social justice, living in a small intentional community on a 4-acre farm in the Rio Grande Valley. I'm a native of the desert southwest, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, a serious poet, and a voracious reader. i have two degrees in literature, and now work in arts administration at a university. i'm presently in two committed long-term relationships, one of them presently/temporarily long-distance for career reasons, and have a long rich history of poly-everything. i have been at times a circus artist, a performance poet, a pagan community organizer, an academic, and a person who routinely passes for straight; at the moment i am none of those things but contain them all.

Top 5 fandoms: i don't really do fandom. i've watched and enjoyed Dr Who, and am presently watching 90s Star Trek with my husband, and 90s X-files with my sweetheart (for the first time... i learned how to watch TV after the advent of netflix and am veeerrrry slooooowwwwly catching up). i read a lot. i post about that on Goodreads.

I mostly post about... what is going on in my life, plus poems. sometimes photos.

I rarely post about... fandom? politics, unless it is seriously keeping me awake at night.

My last three posts were about... i'm doing a poem-a-day challenge right now, so one was a brief update and two were poetry posts. before that, a recap of a vacation in Tucson with my sweetie, including goings-on on the farm.

How often do you post? at least monthly, sometimes as much as weekly. when i feel like the space is more active, i post more.

How about commenting? i read several times a week, and try to comment whenever i have something to contribute. i respond to comments, and really appreciate other people commenting on my posts.


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