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Name: Avery.

Age: Nineteen.

Location: Earth - but more specifically? I'm either in Japan or in Australia.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less. University student majoring in Japanese. Reader of fantasy novels, sci-fi novels, and manga. Wearer of cosplay (soon to become maker of cosplay, too, hopefully...). Watcher of anime, murder mystery serials, and cult flicks. Occasional drawer, knitter, and actor; perpetual daydreamer.

Top 5 fandoms. Ace Attorney, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon.

I mostly post about: Anything fannish. No, scratch that - everything fannish. I like writing about the manga I read/anime I watch/cosplay I wear/video-games I play, et cetera. Sometimes I write about my adventures around Japan, and learning the Japanese language.

I rarely post about: anything political, unless it relates to a bigger point I'm trying to make;

My last three posts were about: Life as it exists in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Doubutsu no Mori cartridges; the Neon Genesis Evangelion dub and why it's actually really very good; a recount of the Shonen Jump exhibition currently being held at the Mori Arts Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

How often do you post? At least every two days.

How about commenting? I want to be super-active and make lots of friends on DW, so I'll leave comments where I can, and reply to all the ones I receive!

Subscription/Access Policy: No policy, really, just that I'll only grant access to people I know super-duper well. Not that it'll make that much difference - most of my posts will be set to public, anyway.
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