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Name: weedpizza

Age: 30s.

Location: PNW, USA. ☔

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

  1. I'm a music lover, a vintage toy collector, a wannabe artist and crafter. 🎨
  2. I'm a really nice person, but I don't have a lot of friends IRL because I have social anxiety.
  3. I do have one friend, my SO whom I live with and he's all I need! I also have an amazing family here, as well as scattered across the US!
  4. We have two sweet cats! 🐱💕🐱💕
  5. I'm depressed, anxious, a late-bloomer, I don't drive, and I don't work, but I want to start my own toy business someday.

Top five fandoms: I'm a fan of a lot of things, but I'm not into fandoms. Does that make sense? I'm old, basically!

I mostly post about: My day-to-day life, mental health, body image, my SO, family, informal music and movie reviews, my thoughts/feelings on current events (possibly?), and dumb memes (maybe soon?), and maybe some tarot interpretations (none yet, but would love to do some).

I rarely post about: Sports, I guess. Nothing's off limits though, so please don't be like, "All my friends have to agree with me!" Let's agree to disagree when needed, as I welcome people with all sorts of differing views to my journal!

My last three posts were about: Not including my two sticky posts (Friending Policy and About Me), I wrote about a dumb idea I had, a small update on my weight loss 'journey,' and answered a set of [community profile] thefridayfive questions.

How often do you post: Aiming for once or twice a week. Not quite there yet, but still pretty active!

How about commenting? I read everything in my feed, and try to comment when I have a question or something to add. I do not expect comments on all my posts! I'm always appreciative of the ones I do get, and reply to them when I feel it's called for!

Subscription/Access Policy: Anyone can subscribe to my public entries, but if you want me to add back/grant access to my locked entries, please read and comment on my top sticky post! Even if you reply to this entry, I will ask you to comment on that post.
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