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Name: Sharon

Age: 26

Location: USA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm a bisexual, Atheist, Mexican-American feminist. I'm also a writer, a fangirl, and a teacher. Mostly these days I'm a cat mom who's trying to finish up the last semester of her masters program. I also have anxiety and depression and sometimes I have bad days but there are fewer now. I also like to drink and will occasionally show up with a drunk ramble of a post, so uh, expect that.

Top 5 fandoms: Black Sails, Elementary, Welcome to Night Vale, Alice isn't Dead, and Within the Wires. Also video games: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my shit rn and I am postponing doing the final quest because I'm not ready.

I mostly post about: My life and it's general shenanigans. Mostly it's about work and sometimes it's about upcoming events I have planned or things I've found out. It's really personal. I want to have fannish related posts more but ehh we'll see.

I rarely post about: Sports. Unless it's the World Cup in which case I have A Lot Of Opinions™. But I missed out on blogging about this last one because I was busy closing out the academic year with my students.

My last three posts were about: A 10 Things meme question I'm doing: 9 things about myself, 10 things I want to say to people, and a post summarizing the last couple months since the post before that.

How often do you post? My goal is to post at least twice a week. I want to get back into journalling because I miss it. Also since I won't have my master program to lean on for venting about the education system I expect a lot of my frustrations and worries will be posted here.

How about commenting? I try to comment on most posts I see but sometimes I forget. ^^;;

Subscription/Access Policy: Friends only with a few posts being public. Please leave a comment and let me know you want access.
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