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Hello! I think I did this before, but my list is pretty inactive, so would love to meet some more people! Plus like, my interests have changed/evolved.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
On leave from grad school - may or may not finish. On the job huntt Lesbian professional wrestling fan w/ an overly-analytic mindset. Lover of electro/ambient/post/synth/prog-rock music - concept albums are the best. Trying to complete the Book Riot reading challenge.

Top 5 fandoms. Not super involved in fandom on here, but #1 is definitely wrestling - WWE for a while but drifting towards Impact/TNA lately. I'll probably be back into Lucha Underground once the new season airs and maybe GLOW (I have.... a complicated relationship w/ GLOW). Used to be big into Les Miserables & the musical theater trading scene but not really involved anymore. Really loved Justified when that was on TV and also Veep (though the last season was........ less excellent). Basically the shows I like are really verbal or like, literally people fighting!

I mostly post diary-style entries about my life; want to get more into doing book/movie/show reviews. Want to start doing music posts as well. Occasional reflections on the news.

My last three posts were about: giving notice and going to an indie wrestling show, the weird paradox of interacting with celebrities & of snail mail producing weird disjunctive moments irt weekly live television production, going on leave.

How often do you post? My goal is going to be twice a week, minimum.

How about commenting? I really try to comment on people's stuff fairly regularly - maybe not every post but hopefully ever week or two we'll have something to say to each other?

Subscription/Access Policy: Friends-locked, ask to add.
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