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Jun. 2nd, 2017 01:29 am
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Name: Sam
Age: 25
Location: Scotland
Gender: non binary using she/her for now

Describe myself in five sentences or less:

An introvert with many opinions which I fight to state despite being introverted. I am a qualified historian but yet to be able to put my degree to use so mostly remain a retail monkey. I'm a member of the SNP in Scotland and active in all senses whether that is being part of photo ops or posting leaflets or knocking on doors with a wide smile and a clipboard even if a Union Jack is in the plant-pot. I prefer reading factual books over fiction and take a personal pride in my cooking each night as given I'm at home most of the time I am the family chef. I am child-free and living at home while single but the love of my life is my lhasa-apso dog Nico who turns 5 in July and who was a huge factor in helping me overcome my social and general anxiety enough to function in the so called 'real world'.

Top five fandoms:
Harry Potter. Star Wars. The Hunger Games. Middle Earth. Charmed. Though I don't talk about fandom that much in my journal to be fair.

I mostly post about: My life. I have a lot of health problems so my dw is an outlet to talk about that. My dog (and my mum's two we live with) come up a lot. My blog changes from week to week. Sometimes I talk about what I'm reading. Sometimes I post links to articles I find interesting. Sometimes I post quotes. I can't claim to be consistent but I'd like to think I'm interesting. I'm a good commenter when I connect with someone though.

My last three posts:
♥ a complaint about when people take up awesome usernames and then don't use them.
♥ a link to my first graphics post in a year.
♥ a general run down of my past couple of days in the world.

How often I post/comment: I will post either every day or once every couple of weeks. It honestly depends on if I feel I have something credible to say. Twitter took a lot of those little posts away huh? I read every day so if I have something to say it would be daily but I don't always feel I DO have anything to say.

GIF to describe day so far:
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