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Name: sexycazzy or Caz
Age: 36
Location: Scotland, UK
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: LiveJournal, Fanfiction.net & A03 - all are sexycazzy
Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
1. Shy ~ takes a while to get to know someone new so be patient with me!
2. Profoundly deaf and proud of it ~ British Sign Language (BSL) is my first language with written English & Amerian Sign Language (ASL) as my second languages
3. Crazy about TV & movies
4. Loves making fanart for various fandoms in landcomms or bigbangs
5. Kinky & switch girl
Top 5 Fandoms:
~ Stargate & Stargate-Atlantis
~ NCIS & its spin-off shows
~ Hawaii Five-0
~ Criminal Minds & CM: Beyond Borders
~ Madam Secretary
(and many more....if you want to know more, ask away *smile*)
I mostly post about:
Ramblings, links to my LJ graphics comm - with icons, banners & wallpapers for various landcomms & bigbangs etc. I might occasionally post my fanfics although I haven't been writing for a long while
My last three posts were about:
~ getting excited about copying my LJ layout to my DW journal! *squee!*
~ asking for help finding various comms on DW
~ My Easter holidays pictures
How often do you post? How about commenting?
I post when I have something to say or to share. I comment here and there, not as often as I should, although and is looking to change that!

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