Apr. 16th, 2017

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Name(s): Sharon
Location: NJ, USA
Age: 25
Other accounts: [livejournal.com profile] ilcocoabean. [tumblr.com profile] ilcocoabean [twitter.com profile] ilcocoabean
Describe yourself in five sentences: Mexican-American, bisexual, feminist, writer who's currently teaching math to sixth and seventh graders in NYC. Perpetually exhausted due to depression and anxiety. Also a grad student in a fast-track teaching program (NYC Teaching Fellows) to get my masters in Special Education. Cat owner of two but living with four cats in total. Fiercely obsessed with office supplies and Dragon Age.
Top 5 fandoms: Of all time? Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers, A:tLA/LoK (this totally counts as one fandom), Black Sails (I am starting up Season 3 but I’m already somewhat spoiled for the last season), and the Dragon Age franchise.
I mostly post about... : Life, work, cats, friends, feminism, and social justice issues that relate directly to me.
I rarely post about... sports? um... other things? idk it's hard to think of what I don't talk about when I don't know I'm not talking about it.
My last three posts were about... my trip to Oregon and how that went, OK Go's video The One Moment, and lol lamenting how work was keeping me away from posting.
How often do you post? Not as often as I'd like but I want to get back into the habit of posting at least once a week.
How about commenting? If I've got time I'll comment even if the post is a week old. I'm also occasionally that person who just lurks.
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In the middle of my move to Dreamwidth. I'm lowering the boom on LJ just as soon as the boxes are unpacked.

All my friends went to FB so I'm starting over by saying I need friends. (Great start, Pipi.)

Name(s): Pipi Bluestocking

Location: Sydney, Australia

Age: 45 again this year.

Describe yourself in five sentences: I'm a writer who moonlights around whatever pays the bills. I go to the office an hour and a half early every day to get some writing done before my day goes to hell in wicker handbasket. Work on the go: I have one complete manuscript, part of one that is going places and as for the third... I've just deleted it back to the opening scene (think car in the middle of the driveway with engine parts scattered across the lawn).

Top 5 fandoms: If I've dropped out of nowhere to read your stuff it's safe to assume that I'm your readership.

I mostly post about Slice of life. Small snippets of what I am writing about (original fic).

How often do you post? Sporadically, trying to bring it up to something per day without eating into novel writing time.
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Name: Brina
Age: 30
Location: Germany
Other: I'm also on tumblr, same username as here (kleinepfoetchen)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I love my family and my guinea pigs (eight little piggies). Animals and nature in general are awesome. I also love my fandoms dearly.

Top 5 fandoms: At the moment:
- Game of Thrones
- The Avengers (especially Thor, with the addition of Wolverine)
- Modern Family
- Xena
- Elementary

I mostly post about... whatever comes to my mind. I'd love to post about fandoms again and discuss them. I miss that!

I rarely post about... politics, religion etc.

My last three posts were about...
- That I love Stephen King
- Wondering/asking why so many people moved to DW all of a sudden
- A meme

How often do you post? I try to post more often now that people are moving here. I'm trying to get back into it. I also try to get some distance to tumblr, so it'd be fun to spend more time here.

How about commenting? I reply whenever someone comments, and I try to make my way through my friends list when I'm on and comment then.


Apr. 16th, 2017 01:53 pm
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Name(s): Whitney
Location: Oregon, USA
Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'd say my greatest ability is procrastination, and I've had a hard time figuring out what I want to do with my life. I have epilepsy and I'm currently working through some other health issues, so I don't work at the moment. I'm not really the type to open up about things but ever since I started therapy, I've found it a little easier to do so. I like to think that I'm a friendly person who gets along with everyone. I like all things science fiction and astronomy related, and am looking forward to the total eclipse in August!
Top 5 fandoms: Smallville, Chuck, Prison Break, Marvel Cinematic Universe + Agents of SHIELD, DC CW shows
I mostly post about: Fandom stuff and what my interests are at the time.
I rarely post about: My real life, though sometimes I post about what I did at therapy as it's a nature based program. I've been learning archery and working with horses.
My last three posts were about: On LJ I mainly posted promo for communities and some small chit chat. Here on Dreamwidth, I did a small intro post and that's it so far!
How often do you post? Rarely before but with this new journal, I'm going to try to post at least once a week.
How about commenting? Like with updating, I am not a great commenter either but I hope to change that! New journal, new habits! That's my motto!
A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
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Name: flexagon will do
Age: 39, soon 40
Location: Northeast US

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a combination software engineer / manager at a large internet corporation, slowly burning out and planning to blog an epic long vacation soon. I work out most days/week, and attend circus classes in handstands and partner acrobatics, so sometimes I post videos of those things; I'd like to find more athletic friends on DW. I'm polyamorous and bisexual in a boring "two LTRs with boys, no girlfriend" sort of way. I have three cats, no cars, no televisions, no kids, too many computers and no gods. And this sentence makes five!

Top 5 fandoms: I don't think I have ever been in a fandom. If this is about recent/current books and shows and music and games, then I like the Kingkiller Chronicles (come onnnn, Rothfuss), Paolo Bacigalupi, China Mieville, Of Monsters and Men, Austra, Jonathan Haidt, etc. Currently playing Pokemon Go and Neko Atsume.

I mostly post about: handstand training, work/management in a huge corporation, books, sometimes cats or politics

I rarely post about... acro scene drama (I've stepped way back), food/meals, dreams

My last few posts were about: work, handstand and acro training, fake cheese purchases, moving to Dreamwidth, marijuana

How often do you post? Once or twice a week

How about commenting? Often, if I have anything to say. I read daily, and generally reply to the comments I get.


Apr. 16th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Name: Tawnya
Age: 42
Location: Michigan, USA
Other: Same username on LJ
Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a 42 year chic living with my husband and our dog in Michigan. Currently also a caregiver for my mom who lives with us. Educated to be a therapist for special needs folks but currently not working due to my own health struggles. My hobbies include various types of crafts, books, WAY too much netflix and anything else that sounds interesting. I enjoy meeting new friends online and like to get to know the people I add.
Top 5 fandoms: At the moment: I'm not really a fan type of person but I do enjoy various tv series and books. I don't usually write about any of that though.
I mostly post about: My daily life.
I rarely post about: Politics, sports, fan stuff, news.
My last three posts were about: What happened in my life that day.
How often do you post? A few times a week.
What about commenting? I don't comment on every post but I comment frequently. I don't expect a tons of comments but one from time to time is nice.
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Name(s): neekabe
Location: Canada
Describe yourself in five sentences or less: 30-something asexual introverted female type. I'm in a poly relationship with the fella I'm living with. I'm trying figure out how to engage without fandom, but maybe eventually something will catch my brain again. Currently trying get back into Karate after a 3 year absence, and figuring out how to Adult.
Top 5 fandoms: I don't really have strong fandoms at the moment. Top life activities? Martial arts, attempts to bake, scotch, err..."Japanese aerial yoga" (under lock)? I'm trying to grow some little succulents which may become more of a thing.
I mostly post about Every day things
I rarely post about
My last three posts were about Easter activities, upcoming travel to Japan, baking plans
How often do you post? Used to post a couple of times a week but got out of the habit. Trying to get back in.
How about commenting? When I feel there's something to say?


Apr. 16th, 2017 09:39 pm
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Name(s): tarienemrys
Age: 30
Location: I moved to USA recently from Sri Lanka.
Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm an Introvert (INFP). I read a lot (I read about 10+ fanfics daily) and sometimes try my luck at writing. Love to make icons and graphics.
Top 5 fandoms:
1. Shadowhunters - Malec has ruined my life
2. Supernatural
3. Anything Marvel: MCU, all TV series (mostly after the series end because I don't have immediate access but I don't mind spoilers) I also read comics (If I find a one in Library) .
4. Voltron Legendary Defenders
5. Elementary - I haven't watched the new series yet. Waiting until it comes to Hulu

I mostly post about Fandom relate stuff mostly, icons, graphics and rants
I rarely post about My life. It's really boring :D Nothing exciting happens to me other than burning my food while cooking.
My last three posts were about Shadowhunters....
How often do you post? These days regularly. I go silent for sometime but always come back
How about commenting? I comment mostly on the fandom related posts.


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