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Name(s): Sandra, huntress79 on AO3, tumblr (only for reblogging), FFNet, imgur

Location: Austria

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

I'm a computer nerd (who learned the most about it by just doing it). I'm a writer (who still dreams about becoming a journalist). I'm a (day-)dreamer (who believes that dreams come true). I'm a romantic at heart (who can't be told otherwise)

Top 5 fandoms:

* White Collar
* Supernatural

I mostly post about

Matt Bomer, White Collar, Supernatural, Fanfiction, Music

I rarely post about

Personal stuff (yeah, I'm a bit of a recluse!)

My last three posts were about

* The newest trailer for Matt's new film "Walking Out"
* Happy Birthday
* Quick update on Matt's TV show "The Last Tycoon"

How often do you post?

Semi-regularly = one month more, the next not so much (and so on)

How about commenting?

I (almost) always comment when someone leaves a comment on my posts, and I try to comment on other people's posts as much as possible

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

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Name: sera (not my real name, but that's what the internet at large calls me)
Age: 33
Location: Germany
Other: If you find a seraphina_snape somewhere, there's a 99% chance that's me. I'm really only 'active' here and on LJ (that is, I crosspost), and on tumblr (where I mostly reblog all the fandom stuff I currently care about and almost never post original content)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I am a master procrastinator - I can put off anything (I'd probably put off dying if I was in the middle of a book) - plus I'm lazy (that's a dangerous combination). My mother is my roommate (long story). I occasionally make icons and other graphics and sometimes I write fic (sometimes more, sometimes less). I love land comms and I really wish more of them were still active (because see first item in the list, I'm a lazy procrastinator, so having challenges and deadlines gives me a focus for my creative impulses that otherwise fizzle out into the 'maybe I'll make some icons tomorrow' abyss).

Top 5 fandoms: (I love ALL THE FANDOMS, or at least a lot of them, and while I don't produce much fannish content these days, I consume a lot, so limiting me to five is ridiculous, but I'll try. Still, here's a complete list.)
- Leverage (I will love it FOREVER AND EVER ♥)
- The Librarians (one of the few shows I'm actually excited about and want to see back on my screen ASAP)
- OMG Check Please! (I ship all the things, but mostly on tumblr.)
- Teen Wolf (sort of - I kind of stopped watching, but I'm still enjoying the fanfic? ...that tends to happen with most of my fandoms, tbh.)
- Doctor Who (I'm super excited about DW starting up again, but I'm mostly a lurker. I might write a handful of episode reaction posts, but nothing too involved)

I mostly post about what books I'm reading (lots of steampunk right now, and usually along the lines of mystery/crime/supernatural/fantasy/YA/LGBTQ+), what my family has been up to, pictures of the cutest 'lil dog I'm occasionally dogsitting for my brother and his gf, my adventures in cooking.

I rarely post about fandom, sadly, because I'm behind on everything and in a funk about what's currently on the air (except The Librarians, but it's not airing right now :/) (but I'm trying to change that), politics & religion, current events

My last three posts were about
- my coworkers and I goofing off at work and trying to copy money (to see if it's true that you can't copy money) (it is.)
- family update, food and dog pictures, minuscule amount of TV talk, books, LJ fuckery
- family update, plant update (I'm trying to grow peppers... I usually kill everything, but so far it's a success), dog pics + books

How often do you post? Depends. Sometimes I update more, sometimes less. My life is pretty boring so I usually go at least a week between posts, sometimes more.

How about commenting? I think I'm pretty good at commenting. If you post four times a day I probably won't comment on everything, but if I have something to say, I'll say it. (And I always reply to comments I receive.)

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:
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Belleweather. Here, there and everywhere. (Um, but not Tumblr because I hate it, or Instagram because I'm a bit of a photo snob.)

Location: Home is where work says that it is. Currently, that's Bucharest, Romania.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Professional expat and working mama with a srsbzns job and a stay at home dad spouse because gender roles are for suckers. I like travel, taking way too many photographs, comics books focusing mainly on Marvel and new Independent books and anything Grant Morrison does (no, I do not care that he's problematic), complicated recipes and emo-pop bands where someone in the band is or has made out with Mikey Way or Pete Wentz. (I like guyliner, so sue me.) I also have an addiction to 99 cent e-books and Scribd, and love M/M historical romances (but sadly have read all of them. *pouts*) I knit poorly and crochet a lot and used to be a professional theatrical costumer, but am now trying to learn how to sew normal-person clothes, which right now means fancy PJs. I am not sure that I believe in cultural appropriation, fiction being 'problematic' as a reason not to love it, or the use of the term 'privilege' in ordinary conversation, but I've been a feminist since I was old enough to know what one was and will defend to the death your right to do, say, or believe any of those things.

Top 5 fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Marvel (currently reading ALL THE MARVEL), Age of Sail, and the life ruining movie Kingsman.

I mostly post about : Life, Travel, Photography, languages, being an expat who really sucks at being an expat and why my life is not sexy or entertaining, food and cooking, television, my kids, and work (which, I promise, is mostly interesting)

I rarely post about : Fandom, or fanfic. (Although if more of my flist was interested, I probably would) Politics, because I'm subject to the Hatch Act.

My last three posts were about :

1. Why I just applied for a job I mostly don't actually want, and a big win in the extended process of moving out of Romania
2. My boyfriend picking a stupid fight and why accusing professional women of taking themselves too seriously is basically bullshit.
3. The LJ Terms of Service Kerfuffle, why the sky is not falling but I'm moving over here anyway.

How often do you post? A couple of times a week.

How about commenting?
I try to comment regularly and always respond to comments on my LJ, even if lately it's taking me a while. I find that I comment more on DW than I did on LJ, because inline commenting is the bomb. 


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Name(s): sapphire2309 on DW, LJ (soon to be deleted), tumblr (very sporadic), etc. I respond happily to Saph and/or Sapph. If you'd like to read my poetry, shoot me a PM and I'll give you my poetry tumblr. If you absolutely need a human sounding name to refer to me by, you can call me Tanya.
Age 19
Location: India

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a writer, a feminist, a college girl, sapphic, a shameless fannish creature, a music addict. I procrastinate too damn much. I'm trying hard to get out of this shitty headspace I'm in. I'm part of this really intense college theatre production and it is my favourite thing in the world. I feel too much.

Top 5 fandoms:
-> White Collar
-> Agent Carter
-> Scandal
-> Grey's Anatomy

I'm also hooked to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and hoping to get into the Supergirl fandom. (Katie McGrath slays me dead.)

I mostly post about Life, with a focus on the state of my mental health. I try very very hard to post more fanfic, but it just doesn't happen :/
I rarely post about ...other things?
My last three posts were about Moving to DW permanently, and also a dear writer letter for an exchange (currently a placeholder).
How often do you post? Right now, sporadically. I'm very unpredictable though. Sometimes, I post thrice in a day. There is no pattern.
How about commenting? I try to comment often, especially on fic, but sometimes I'm just not in the right headspace.

A GIF to describe how your day has been so far:

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Name(s): Sravakavarn here, I have been winegodeatsyou, thesandsabrase, and sravakavarn on LJ, skepoet on twitter (which I only use to promote writing, I really don't like the format), derickvarn on instagram.

Location: Egypt, but I am ending my expat job to relocate to the states after seven and a half-years abroad, so soon Utah.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I am a poet, teacher, editor/reader, former professor, and podcaster. I work in International schools primarily as my day job, and I work for Zero Books on the side as well as writing semi-professionally and editing Former People, a literary journal, for effectively no money. I am intensely interested in sociology, religious history, economic history, and education as well as the arts.

Top 5 fandoms: Song of Ice and Fire, Manga, Image and Marvel Comics, Obscure religious history, Soviet History (I realize those two things are strange fandoms, but my obsession with it mirrors people's I know obsession with Dr. Who)

I mostly post about : politics, travel, personal psychology, poetry, my family, and probably about reintegrating into the US. Posts from from flippant to intensely personal.

I rarely post about: Fanfic.

My last three posts were about :

1. Mistakes made by people when talking about the Middle East and Asia
2. cancer survivorship and living apart from your spouse (expat unsexiness)
3. Why I enjoy this form of blogging

How often do you post? It's sporadic, right now a lot. Sometimes once a week, for a while on LJ, it was becoming like monthly, but dreamwidth revival has me enjoying this form again.

How about commenting? A lot. I come here because algorithm doesn't decide who and how I engage with people like on SOME social media.



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Name: August
Age: 26
Location: Florida, USA

Other accounts: I'm much quieter and less active elsewhere, but you can find me at: [archiveofourown.com profile] apatternedfever, [tumblr.com profile] builttobalance, [twitter.com profile] balsamandash

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
Perennially running on a deficit of spoons and an overabundance of quotes. I am a freelancer currently working on establishing myself as a tarot reader and editor, and doing some other stuff in the meantime to make that work. Agender, asexual, queer, lifelong Witch, mentally and physically ill, writer, fan-thing working on being more actively fannish. I live with my long-term partner and am still working the kinks out of how to take care of myself, sometimes very vocally and sometimes by disappearing. I like urban fantasy, modern fantasy, tabletop roleplay, meta, meta on meta, trying to meta out how my brain works, musicals, basically any music that's put in front of me, slam poetry, and my cats.

Top 5 fandoms:
MCU is the closest thing to active I have, but at this point I'm more into the fic than the recent canon; pretty much all Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant books; Hamilton; and I'm slowly being consumed by Avengers Academy and Overwatch, which started with the games and is spreading to the fandom

I mostly post about...
Writing, or failing to write, and day-to-day life, which includes to-do lists, stresses, and mental health/physical health issues. Also memes, particularly ones that mean writing, or rambling about characters and fandoms. I'm a little all over the place at times.

I rarely post about...
News and politics; I deal with them offline and don't really talk about it in online spaces. I don't talk a lot about watching/reading but I'm trying to do more of that, and I don't really post pictures, but I like looking at other people's.

My last three posts were about...
Still being open for one-card Tarot draws; boosting my partner's one-card draws; a poll for filters.

How often do you post?
I try to post at least once a week and am working on getting into the habit of doing more than that, but I sometimes slip for a couple of weeks, depending on what's going on.

How about commenting?
I'm bad at talking even though I'm generally reading. I try to respond any time someone replies to me, but reaching out and commenting to other people is rare, because anxiety likes to flare up. I'm trying to get better about it, though.
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Name(s): [personal profile] conuly. It's weird when people call me by my real name on the internet.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

My dream career is to be a lexicocographer, followed by a lighthouse keeper, with "independently wealthy hermit" as a runner up. I live with my sister, mother, and two nieces. All our cats and our dog are also female. I think this about sums it up!

Top 5 fandoms:

I don't really think of myself as a fannish person, I think of fandom as something other people do and I occasionally talk about or consume, but I suppose I enjoy watching Supergirl and especially iZombie. I like reading Megamind fanfic, and... actually, I guess I just generally like reading.

I mostly post about:

News-focused linkspams, politics-focused linkspams, personal life (much of this is locked, though), and things I've thought about. Oh, and Supergirl and iZombie. But I do get on kicks - I might be very focused on something for a few weeks or months, then drop it. Right now I've been thinking a lot about kennings, but thus far I've managed to spare everybody my thoughts on their presence in Modern English and a list of same.

I rarely post about:

Sports? Reality TV? Things that... don't... interest me?

My last three posts were about:

My cat, and the dog my neighbors neglect and I finally took to a shelter (do NOT get me started, I talked the vet's ear off)
Two links related to Passover and Easter
The pronunciation of the word "debridement".

How often do you post?

Seven times a week. If I don't post every day, I carefully postdate entries to make it look like I did. Don't judge me.

How about commenting?

I try to comment when people respond to me. I'm pretty good at that. I'm not so good at replying to other posts, though I'm working on it - I get self-conscious! But if there's a lot of comments to a post already, it's easier for me to say something, and then I usually do.

A GIF to describe how my day has been so far, which I couldn't bother to upload so here, it's a link.


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