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Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Hagar, 33, Israeli, female pronouns. Fannish writer and occasional podficcer. (Personal content always locked/filtered.) Potentially very chatty, but I'm out of practice being part of a fannish community - my fannish communities fell apart when the great LJ migration started happenning, and new ones just didn't spring up. That was 2009-ish, so it seriously feels like I'm learning to speak again.

Top 5 fandoms: Shadowhunters (I'm there for the C-PTSDed grown child soldiers; the Actually Healthy romance is a bonus, not a main attraction), Killjoys, Cleverman, Judaica. Also Person of Interest, Leverage, Power Rangers (most seasons) and a bunch of others.

I mostly post about: Stories or other projects I'm working on, episode responses when my shows are in season, random commentary about life (weather, anecdotes, the rare recipe).

I rarely post about: ...anything not the above?

My three last posts were about: Last three public posts were about pillowfort, my current WIP, and the weather (summer's finally easing off over here!)

How often do you post? Oh, goodness, this varies. I'm aiming for a few times a week.

How about commenting? Yeah, this varies, a lot. I can't give any rules of thumb here. Do consider yourself always welcome to comment, though.
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