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Name: peapods / Juniper
Age: early 30s
Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I’m a fairly easy going introvert. Right now I’m a caregiver for my parents who have the same neurodegenerative disorder (one advanced, one early stages + cancer survivor. I buy lotto tickets now!) I’m in the process of enrolling into a teacher preparation program for elementary education. Sometimes caregiving is an isolating and lonely experience and boy, as the years go by I just really miss the earlier years of LJ when I met people from different places, and I haven’t found a similar sense of camaraderie on other social network platforms (besides Ravelry; IG was great until FB had to go and ruin it!)

Top 5 Fandoms: Gravity Falls

I mostly post about: Can’t say I’m all that exciting. I expect to post what you'd find in a journal- what I’ve been up to, events in my life, my family, share music and maybe links to articles, and so on. I love the fiber arts. I knit & crochet, spin & dye (beginner) and dabble in cross stitch. I garden, and I have several pets. I love getting out for a walk or hike in nature. As I said above, I’m pretty easy going.

My last three posts were about: Two (not-so-)daily picture posts!

How often do you post? How about commenting? I’ve set a goal to post a public daily picture to keep myself active on DW. Ideally, I’ll post weekly, but it could be more or less. :) I try to comment here and there.
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