May. 7th, 2018

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I've posted here once or twice before, but figured I'd give it another go-around.
Name: Under friends lock.
Age: 30s.
Location: Maryland, United States.
 Describe yourself in five sentences or less.  Nerdy, but not terribly geeky. I like talking about the deeper things in life, but with a sense of humor when possible. Cautious optimist. Hufflepuff to a fault. Writer who doesn't know why she can't let go of her high school internet pen name.
Top 5 fandoms. Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Harry Potter's really the only one of those I've done a lot of "fannish" things, though, but I love all of them and talking about them. Among other things.
I mostly post about: Observations (whether things I can't believe people do,  social media, etc.), meta (whether specific to a show or book, or more broad), writing (including satire - rarely political). I also occasionally post real life anecdotes.
I rarely post about: Although I talk about "real life", this DW isn't super RL heavy Also, while I sometimes post about politics (I'm left of center and have a lot to say about our current administration - none of it good), I don't talk about it frequently.
My last three posts were about:  A bizarre experience at work, thoughts on fanfic I wrote when I was younger and how I wish the fandom were more active now that my writing's better,  a former work project, .

How often do you post? It varies, but typically at least once every 2-3 days.
How about commenting? I comment when I have something to say. I'm much better at commenting on conversational posts; I'm not always good at commenting on bullet point posts.
Subscription/Access Policy: The usual.   


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