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hi, i'm ashe. 28, infj. 4w5 sp/so. scorpio. firebender. gryffindor. i'm a poc and nb femme. my pronouns are ' they / them '. my hobbies include: watching ( anime ) and ( films ) , writing ( poetry ) , ( looking ) at and ( making ) art, playing ( videogames ) and listening to ( music ). i also enjoy ( reading ) and speaking out into the ( void ).

i've been considering becoming a fanfiction writer. i'm teaching myself japanese extremely slowly and plan to also learn tsalagi / cherokee. i used to have a cat named ( aria ). she ran away last year, now she's wild and free~

i tend to blog ab my life, post tumblr pic dumps, anime screencaps, and music. i may also post ab spiritual / witchy / occult things. this area of interest in my life is important to me. i don't offer medical advice, however. i feel like that sort of thing should be left to the professionals. sometimes i disable comments. i do my best to comment on other peoples entries. i like to talk to who i'm subscribed to. political posts are possible but, i tend to save those for twitter or ( mastodon ). some content of my journal may not be appropriate for minors. i hide such posts beneath lj cuts with an ' 18+ ' warning. any spoilers for any fandom are also marked and hidden behind a cut.

the frequency of my updates is erratic and sporadic. i used to update more often on livejournal but, as time passes and times change, it's only to be expected that long form posting is a dying art, and even it's most loyal adherents are assimilating to shortform and reliance on visuals ; me included. no matter how long i'm away tho, i always come back. i will never abandon long form completely.

fandoms: jjba, death grips, harry potter, avatar: tla / korra, final fantasy series, shin megami tensei series, gatchaman, devilman, stranger things, mr. robot, bee and puppycat, fashion etc.

if any of this sounds good to you, feel free to drop me a line.
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I was an LJ user for a long time (had one or another active account for ~15 years), but when nostalgia and frustration with the rest of the internet drove me to log in recently, the new TOS horrified me and I had to leave for good. I was never very active in LJ communities, but want to try to be more active in general in the journal-o-sphere now.

Here goes:

Name: FP
Age: 34
Location: AZ, USA, unfortunately

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a bookish introvert. A lazy witch. A disabled knowitall. Halfway in faerie all the time. Did it in one sentence and three fragments.

Top 5 fandoms: I've never been active in fandom, but the ones I've paid most attention to are Harry Potter and LoTR (I was an undergrad in 2001!). I am fannish about Hannibal and Sailor Moon, though, which should tell you everything you need to know about me, honestly.

I mostly post about: Everyday life stuff, reading, hobbies, etc.

I rarely post about:
Personal details (pro educator)

My three last posts were about: Ha! I just started this journal, but today's post will probably be about fairy tale retellings and the trials and tribulations of college bureaucracy. Possibly pie.

How often do you post?
Pretty frequently.

How about commenting? I'm pretty quiet, but want to be more active, so hopefully not sporadically (!).


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